The Missing Kolbrin Passage

There's one passage though, I read it once somewhere and in all these years I haven't been able to find it again. Sometimes i think I just imagined it or something.

go ahead…I’m very interested…

Is this about this Earth or human’s not meant for perfection to last here?

Haha brave man. Well it was about a civilization that had become perfect in all aspects and even then it was destroyed. And I don't recall exactly whom asked God how could this be, and He answered that even those earthly things that become too good can begin losing their purpose and thus sometimes have to be "resetted"
Damn you just posted that before I did, I am officially scared now :-\

As your own knowledge, wisdom, and insight grows, you will discover things in the Kolbrin that you never realized you read before.

There are also ‘triggers’, or items between the lines, that tell you personally of all sorts of things that are not in the literal text. But if you are unaware of these psychological ‘triggers’ within the text, or are unaware of how your mind and brain processes information, you will drive yourself mad going back to the text trying to find something that is not actually there, but was in reality, intentionally ‘triggered’.

The Kolbrin works on many levels, my friends… :wink:

Its obvious to me why even a perfect civilisation would eventually be destroyed on Earth…
Because moral integrity doesn’t stop the passage of rogue Brown dwarfs and there orbiting planets from “destroying” whatever civilisation exists on the planet as it passes !

Yep Shaul, these mechanical cyclical forces which are already established in our universe don’t seem to care for what kind of morality the inhabitants in one of the innumerable planets of this cosmos have.

Interestingly the Qur’an identifies with the Kolbrin very closely to. The EOW is dealt with in much the same way in the Qur’an.

And before anyone shoots the messenger I am in now way promoting Islam or its ideologies, just pointing out some interesting similarities. Also the ‘message’ as such which comes down from the Qur’an, is very similar. But then if one believes in a supreme creator then this isn’t such an amazing thing.

I think what everyone is interested in is timings here. But I’m guessing that we are just guessing if we try an predict the return of the Destroyer, I would imagine though if it was inbound that someone, who wasn’t trying to make a name for themselves,would have some news?? Any ideas anyone.