The Pilgrim and the Kohar

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No need to believe in the Kohar. Just imagine yourself as you would be if you were perfect, your ideal self. That image can guide you if you let it regardless of whether or not you experience its metaphysical reality right now.

I'm afraid Sha'ul might confuse his super ego with his kohar if he tries that way, Leonard... as do many

Various levels of confusion are inevitable in the process of awakening. Each of us works at the stage we are on with the tools presently available.

The super ego can guide one to the Kohar, just as later the Kohar can guide one to God.

The super ego can just as well lead one astray.
do you propose totally transcending the ego Rex?
My "super ego" probably would lead me astray...............

I think it was Freud who coined the term ‘super ego’. This is not at all the same as the ego.

And you are correct Manuel, the ego is a nessesary facet of Earthly existence. :wink:

Hey I didn't say that Len, but I was thinking that so you kinda read my mind ;)
You guys are all really helping me a lot, thankyou

I gotta admit, it does seem a little far fetched, this Kohar thing, but then again, if you had told me about the Anunnaki about ten years ago, I would have told you that you were crazy.

I need some serious spiritual guidance. I used to fast and pray once, and it seemed to work. Now, I don’t know what to do…I kinda feel very small, and don’t think G-d is very interested. The Universe is much bigger, and I much smaller, than I could have imagined

The Kohar is basically the body you utilize in the higher spheres of existence. It's just like your soul "inhabiting" your physical body here but on the higher dimensional planes your soul inhabits the Kohar. As Len said apparently it is through that spirit body that you can reach the ultimate state of existence, which it to reunite with the Supreme Spirit. The gnostic texts mention this spirit vest a lot as well.

And don’t worry about these terms. Just imagine who you wish to be, what you would look like if you were perfect. Compare that with where you are in day to day life and slowly make the adjustments. :slight_smile: