The Pilgrim and the Kohar

The man who was becomes the Pilgrim. He has crossed the waters, he has passed the Grim Guardian, he waits without the Place of Union and stands firmly. He is not afraid and stands resolute. The Cool Gracious One approaches with three jars of water and refreshes him.

The Pilgrim says, “Behold, O Watcher at the Gate, I have laid up treasure enough in the storehouse of love, therefore allow me to pass. The love of those who have gone before, see is it not a large quantity and sufficient to draw me upward? See the love of those who remain behind, is it not a large quantity and sufficient to draw me upward?” The Watcher hears his words.

The Grim Guardian counts and weighs and says, “Pass”. Then this man passes and goes beyond the Lake of Wisdom, past the Winding Channel of Experiences, over the flooded Field of Reeds, to the Eastern side of the Region of Light where he will be renewed in birth into the Higher Spheres.

The Pilgrim now stands before the Womb of Heaven where those who enter as pure seed are brought forth into union with God. This man passes by to where the attendants help him to assume the Robe of Glory. They welcome him.

“Behold”, they say, "His Kohar has brought this man powers to make him complete. The powers he gave into the keeping of his Kohar during the prayer times on Earth have returned greatly magnified. This man has joined the Joyful Company, he has left his old, discarded body in the Region of Heaviness, to assume another more glorified one in the Region of Light.

The Kohar greets the Pilgrim and says, “I welcome you, my own”. The Kohar says to those about, “This is my own, he has washed in the Lake of Wisdom and passed by the Caverns of Distrust and Doubt. Let us, therefore, enter in peace when the Great Door is opened for the United Being in the East, the door leading to the Place of The One True God above all gods, whose manifestations are secret mysteries”.

Before going further they pass by a side entrance to the Region of Darkness where vile and sorrowful things lurk, the Lost Ones, those who served in the ranks of evil on Earth. O Great Kohar, stop the ears of your own; that he may not hear the mournful waitings of the doomed ones left behind!

They who are the companions of the Pilgrim cry out, “O Kohar, guide your own right, guide him up the Ladder of Life which he must traverse again; strengthen its rungs, support him, so he bears lightly upon them, let not the rungs break beneath his weight. This is the test of deeds long since done, where evil bears down heavily”.

“O Kohar, your ownis weak andfalters, yet your arms are strong, therefore lift them to support him, that he may surmount to the heights above. Do this, that he may sit with those who have understanding and perception, that his feet may be welcomed in the Fields of Peace and that he may take his place among the Glorious Ones”.

Blessed is the Kohar who safeguards all memories, storing them as men store corn; who retains these for the use of the Reborn Ones; who can recall all that men forget and can draw forth a memory as men draw water from a well. The Kohar is the eternal recorder, Pilgrims become Risen Ones and enter their Kohars as a soul enters a body, and in unity they become Glorious Ones.

POwerful stuff.
Far out ! Nice if that is what happens

Unwavering, follow the path of righteous awareness, and you will learn for yourself whether or not that is what happens, Sha’ul. And this confirmation need not wait for death…

Need not wait till death ?

If the Kolbrin tells the truth here, one living in the flesh experienced it to write it down. So why could not you or I do the same?

Write it all down, now ? In this life ?

A disincarnate entity did not experience and write the events in the Kolbrin, humans did.

Seekers not unlike you or I …

Like the guy who transcribed Enki's wards, or Moses ?

I can see that

Is there like a Kolbrin chat room ?

Once apon a time, maybe I could have been somebody to write like that, but no, not know, I’ll leave that to better men.

Go to the home page, log in, and there is a chat room if you look under the tabs. You can set up times to meet people there, but I’m on my phone now so can’t do it myself now

Why can’t you be a better man now Sha’ul?

[ Sha'ul Suhr Need not wait till death ? ]

Maybe we’re in Oz, the Learning place. A world full of horror and delight. Now if I could just find those dang Ruby Slippers, and figure out where Kansas is.

"Glinda descends to the ground in her familiar, shimmering, rainbow-hued bubble from the sky. Glinda steps out of the ball of light and kindly tells Dorothy that she has always had the power to go home with the magical power of her ruby slippers, but she had to discover it for herself.

Dorothy: Oh, will you help me? Can you help me?
Glinda: You don’t need to be helped any longer. You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas.
Dorothy: I have?
Scarecrow: Then why didn’t you tell her before?
Glinda: Because she wouldn’t have believed me. She had to learn it for herself.

Dorothy insightfully explains what she has learned from her experience - during her dream of being in Oz. In a self-revelation, she realizes that everything she could ever have wanted was right in her own backyard - IF she had wanted it hard enough.

[She relinquishes the miracle-working power of the Wizard - he has floated away - and relies upon her own power and personality to find her independent identity and way home.

By returning to the Gale home after fantasizing about the enchanting world beyond and experiencing it along the Yellow Brick Road, she has confronted her childhood fears and grown up emotionally with strength enough to meet her adult future. In some ways, the journey was as rewarding as the accomplishment of her goal. Glinda reveals the meaning of the ruby slippers - they will carry her (and Toto) back."

Anyway, having trouble grasping this Kohar thing. Just seems like another one of those…“you better be good, or you won’t reunite with your Kohar and you’ll be thrown into the pit”, things. heck I don’t know. So there’s another part of us biding their time, waiting for us to wake up so we can be reunited? My Kohar might just kick me is the ars for all the mistakes I’ve made in my life. There I go down into the pit. rofl

"One arrives. He has been upright and a just one. His failings and weaknesses were of little account. This upright man fears nothing, for he is welcomed among the Bright Ones and shall go unhampered among the Everlasting Lords."

The threats are no lie, Diane… too many of us are already in the pit… it is the Kohar that guides our way out, should we only accept it.

I look at the Kohar as equal with the "Higher Self"

Rex- ah, just as suspected. It's that little angel sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear all the time. She's right most of the time ya know. We do have our disagreements from time to time. Usually only when her bright ideas can cause pain, (as in life changing, not ego hurting), to others by doing the "right" thing. I'd rather go into the pit than cause that.

Manuel, I like that my failings and weakness’s don’t count. Let’s hope so. I’ve fallen into the pit over my lifetime. Clawed my way back out pretty good, but scars can haunt one if we allow them to.

Leonard-truly you think if we’re bad kids we will get thrown into a pit? I think we just have to come back and do it all over again. That could be hell. Especially with no prior knowledge of the mess we made of things the last time around. please explain “Threats are no lie”.

How you think and what you do to others, and don’t do, you do to yourself. If one acts nasty, one becomes nasty. If one acts complacent, one becomes stagnant and starts to stink. God does not put us in hell, he allows us to put ourselves there through our own free choices… hence we throw ourselves into the pit. Hell and heaven are not some “place” you are cast to, but a state of being we create for ourselves in our souls. We remain in this “place” or state of being both in this life and beyond. However, after death, there are not as many ways to hide yourself from yourself… less drugs and numbing agents. Your state of being is even more acute at this point.

"The words ‘karmic merits and demerits’, like ‘karmic credits and debits’, are not only rather unwieldy, but can also lead to misconceptions. They give the impression of recording angels and books of account, which is wholly wrong. Therefore, why not use the old original word ‘enidvadew’ meaning soul strength or perhaps more properly, soul vitalisation. Enidvadew may be either gained or lost and it must always be remembered that it accumulates through a whole chain of causes and effects. If parents bring a child up badly so that it, in turn, treats its children likewise, then the grandparents continue to lose enidvadew, though there is a limiting and mitigating factor. A man who sells drugs to three people, who then sell to nine others, is penalized in full for the three and in part for the other nine and so on. All enidvadew is good and it is gained for goodness and lost for expressing the opposite. Anyone devoid of enidvadew is lost indeed and the life gains should always exceed the losses.

All this may sound as though there is a great scoreboard or book of accounts somewhere but, of
course, there is nothing of the sort. The scales which adjust things could, perhaps, be likened to
a computer but in actuality they are more like a great mind, one in which there can be no
possibility of error your own mind and consciousness being, as it were, terminals. A whole
hierarchy of beings overshadows the operations of karmic adjustments."

From the Book of Gwineva, Diane Ostrander probably you would find that one interesting .

Leonard, I'm my own worst critic. I judge myself more harshly than any other person could. I'm not stagnant, don't think I smell funny, and I rarely feel the need to self medicate. Although I do enjoy a Rum and Pineapple before dinner. just playin with ya.

Here’s an example of what I was talking about. Todd and Alice have been married 6 years. They have a house, he has a construction business, and she teaches yoga. She has a little girl from a previous marriage that Todd treats as his own. He respects Alice and believes she should follow her path in life. They love each other very much.

Alice was a high maintenance kind of girl. She had her nose fixed, her butt fixed, boobs enhanced, and bought only designer clothes. Todd’s business income paid for this, and he just wanted her to be happy with herself.

One day she decides to go off to India, spend a month there and study with a Yogi or something. She came home all enlightened, didn’t care about material things anymore. But this included her home, her job, her clothes and in the end her Husband. Her parents were well off, and they would take care of her and her daughter.

I have trouble with those that wish to change their “ways” so to speak, take their “path” and who leave a trail of pain and suffering in their wake. I just feel that not everyone in your life can change just because you did, and you can’t expect them to. Many suggest to just cut all ties to everything as Alice did. I just don’t agree.

I think Alice in this case caused more pain to her daughter, her husband and burdened her parents, his parents and many others in one fell swoop. She may feel all good about her choices, but I see it as one big painful cop-out.

I just think there’s a better, more humane way to still change your ways, work on changing yourself without throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
What do you think?

There are many different kinds of drugs and numbing agents, they need not take the form of pills and alcohol. Sometimes they are boob jobs and trips to India…

Alice is alone and already in the pit. Her trip to India was an attempt in running away from her family, duty, Love, and herself. She was already selfish and alone, and instead dug her own personal pit even deeper in her rejection of her daughter and husband. Her family will suffer now and in the future, and this negativity ripples back on Alice in ways she is blind to.

She had Love, acceptance, and the keys to enlightenment right in front of her eyes, but chose to become a sorceress at the expense of her heart and life. She is always restless. The isolation and coldness of the pit makes sure she is never at peace, never satisfied. In her restlessness, she digs herself even deeper hoping to find warmth in at least moving. She has no idea what is really in store for her, and the abuse she must accept in the future for her present fall.

But if she makes it out someday (after lifetimes of isolation, coldness, and abuse), she will be all the stronger and better for it; more so than before she first threw herself in that pit. That will take quite a while, however.

Lance and and Manuel have recommended you read Gwineva, Diane… now I am too. :wink:

Ok, so, say I go along with this Kohar iidea,, how could I possibly know, that I,m not imagining the whole thing, and convincing myself that it is real. Like Chritsians and others who "hear G-ds voice ". ?

BTW, I cant get the chat thing to work in the Culdian forum