The Secret Teachings of Jesus to His Disciples

Greetings Everyone,

There are several mentions in the Gospel of Kailedy of Jesus giving secret teachings and deeper understanding to His disciples in private. However, these teachings are unfortunately not given.

“There were many other parables which Jesus used in this place, to bring understanding to the people. He taught simply so all could grasp what He said, but afterwards, when alone with the twelve, He explained things differently, revealing a deeper meaning.” - Ch 17

“He then went with His disciples to Allon, where He rested among the trees for seven days, teaching them the secrets of hidden things.” - Ch 20

We have been studying what one might call the, “original” teachings of Jesus. The lost scripture such as the Nag Hammadi Library and other ancient Gnostic texts (while avoiding most if not all modern teachings). The Cathar are also of great interest, however it is very challenging to find real information regarding their spiritual practices and understanding.

Is anyone else under the impression that these teachings are among the “secret” and “deeper” teachings given by Jesus Christ to His disciples?

Is there anyone with access to resources or who could point us in the right direction?

Thank you kindly.

Consider the fact that the New Testament contains some of the activities and allegorical teachings of Jesus Christ. However, none of the hidden/higher teachings, nor an explanation as to how one might engage in spiritual practice. Of course through right prayer for understanding and positive reflection on Jesus’ words one may come to the essence on their own. The question then arises, why wouldn’t Jesus give clear explanations, knowing well that His teachings would be subject to misinterpretation and distortion by those seeking power and glory for themselves?

It is all too easy today for some puffed up preacher to give their interpretation of what Jesus has taught, as most people don’t study the Bible either way and have been told to simply follow the “representatives” of God. What seems to make more sense is that all clear and higher teachings were simply removed during the compilation of the Bible. Look at the Gospel of Thomas for example, despite lacking in stories about where Jesus went and who he healed etc. it is full of higher spiritual understanding. Apostle Thomas did not waste any time explaining what Jesus did, rather he focused purely on what Jesus taught.

While it is wonderful to read about the life of Jesus Christ and His glorious interactions with others, without the depth of His teachings it is nothing more than a bedtime story in the hands of the average person. Without a doubt we must have access to Jesus’ pastimes, so that we may glorify and remember Him. Though it is clear that anything which provided guidance and a way to connect to God on one’s own terms was intentionally removed allowing the “church” to retain power… what Jesus truly meant when He said Church may be discussed in a later post.

Had the majority of the population been given Jesus’ real teachings the Christian world, and dare we say the entire world, would be a very different place. That is exactly why communities like the Cathar, the Templars, the Bogomils and many others were targeted by the “church”, martyred and forced in to hiding. They knew the true teachings of Jesus and this threatened the feeble hold of the “church” over the people.

We urge everyone to go deep in to the mysteries of the Lord. Search for the Truth in all places, however do so with caution. History has been significantly distorted in favour of the evil one and his minions. Your heart and soul will indicate what is Truth and what is abominable fiction.

May you be blessed in your search for the Truth.

It is true that the Church, in it’s mission for power and control, destroyed many of the other Teachings and alternate churches. Much has been lost here, and this is regrettable.

However, Jesus constantly spoke in symbol and allegory. He did this precisely because deeper teachings were not meant for the masses or for the profane. That which he taught to his disciples privately involved spiritual practices that induced direct spiritual experience, which could then later be discussed with them, but not possibly be understood by the layman or dabbler without similar direct experience. Initiates understand that throwing someone into the deep end that isn’t even sure whether to dip their toes in will simply drown the uninitiated. If you think that the most basic and clearest of spiritual principals were perverted and distorted by the Church and others, what do you think would have been done with deeper and more powerful Teachings? If I teach you how to build a fire, and you then become an arsonist, do you think it would be better if I instead gave you the keys to atomic energy?!

There is actually a practical instructional program given by ‘outward’ and public Christianity. Mostly, this instruction is ethical in nature and seems rather straightforward and simple. But it is not easy. It requires discipline, a tremendous amount of soul searching, and self control. How much have you mastered this instruction (not you personally, but all who read this)? As you begin to master it, layers of symbol and allegory open themselves to you which was not previously seen or understood. At a certain point, you are ready for the deeper teachings and practices, and these things WILL come to you, either in the form of certain documents, a live teacher, or a group. This is when a type of initiation occurs, more advanced teachings commence, and your journey continues on another level.

All things come to those that are ready for them. We are surrounded by Truth, but see only a fraction. The more you open your eyes, the more you see. And that which the young do not need, require, or can digest, will fly over their heads until their next growth spurt.