The subconscious war against the Moon, spirit and the feminine side of man

I find it more than just coincidence the names that are getting highjacked by high profile events that are publicized by the media.

For example the name “Isis” who was an Egyptian Moon Goddess.

Also the word Sin, which was the Babylonian Moon God. (Where did Moses receive the ten commandments, from mount Sinai the moon mountain, in the land of Sinai, the land of the moon?)

Why is the moon such a threat? I think there are several reasons.

  1. The moon is very influential to mans spiritual side (Yin/feminine), and thus our consciousness.

  2. I also think the moon cycles are related to holy days, and that the holy days were set aside for man to balance his spirit beyond the outward traditions, it was a day of rest, primarily for the spirit. I think there are optimal times that can be measured, and that relate to the biblical sabbath in relation to the moon, for example approximately every 7 days there is a new faze in the moon, i think these fazes have an effect on us, just like it has effect on our body and thoughts.

So is it just me, or is it just mere coincidence?

I am sure there are other examples out there?

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I think this is a very pertinent topic, Ra, and I’m glad you brought it up. There are many more examples of the subversion of the sacred and ancient, and I’m sure some of these will come up as discussion continues.

A couple things that might be interesting to think about… Sin was the male god of the moon, not female.

Also, the masculine as well as the feminine is under attack. Not only through subversion, but through the direct assault on traditional male/female roles and personality; often attempting to reverse the two, or make both asexual. All this causes personal confusion, repression, and relationship issues in life and helps to break down society.

I look forward to more discussion on this important topic!

Yes it is interesting indeed about Sin having a male attribute, there are several similarity’s to the Maori version which ill post on the Maori tradition thread.

I can think of a few examples of subversion of the sacred and ancient, the swastika comes to mind.

I recall some interesting verse’s from the Kolbrin regarding the merging of the yin and yang, male and female aspects, actually the following is of high interest as there is a similar story told within waitaha lore, that resonates with the same principle.

1 All things on Earth are compounded of two flowing powers, the right hand power and the left hand power, the first predominates in men and the second in women. Where they fall nearly equal, the being is neither wholly man nor wholly woman.

Ch 16 The scroll of netertat

Te Kerehona o Nga Ariki

Sometimes against all odds the Creator would deem that there would be born to the nation a representative of their race of ancient peoples. They were known in the old language as ‘Te Kerehona’ We call them now the androgens, those who have been gifted the ability of holding the eternal sacred spirit of both the grandmother and grandfather.

Imagine, moko, having the gift of both grandmother and grandfather! What a blessing! What great teachers and healers they are, when they begin to hold their mana ihi, tapu, wana and wairua. They were known to perform some remarkable miracles.

Special ceremonial were held at the birth of these children, and for the Wananga, it meant the reawakening of the elder teachers’ and healers’ ancient songs and stories that held all of the teachings for these specially gifted individuals - individuals who held the total of the universe’s patterns in themselves. It was a blessing to the whanau and hapu, and the children were given the gift of free movement throughout the families in the lands.

pg 268

Whispers of Waitaha
Traditions Of A Nation

Slightly of track to thread subject but highly interesting neither the less, its also interesting to note that Waitaha were able to calculate the timing of when these births would occur, reminds me of the the 3 wise men and there expectation of a birth in relationship to a star, very similar to Waitaha variables used in there calculations.

An excellent start here guys. Some very salient points being raised. As a student I find these topics really interesting, as do I find their writers. It’s wonderful to have access to all you folks knowledge - well, that which you care to share with us all - so thank you.

Yes, in all things both sides [the male and female, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, positive and negative, good and evil] are being attacked and bastardised to facilitate particular ends not conducive to the wellbeing of humanity. These attacks confront us all on many levels, most of which the average individual is unaware of.

I can’t agree completely with this, as for what is gained here requires a loss. In modern times there is severe sexual confusion caused by pernicious elements in our culture, but of course, that is not what the quote above is referring to. I’d just like to state that there is a difference between ‘natural’ androgyny (that is, one is born with these traits), and ‘unnatural’ androgyny (caused by abuse, lack of parental guidance, and sexualizing elements geared towards children). I shall leave off discussion of ‘unnatural’ androgyny for the moment.

The main reason androgynous people in tribal societies became healers, shamans, etc. was not so much that they were born with special gifts, but that they were ‘apart’ and different from the rest of the tribe. While they might have been held in a sort of awe or superstitious reverence, they were mostly avoided do to their differences. They didn’t fit in anywhere, and this kind of imposed isolation is a natural prerequisite for internal and metaphysical study… instead of human companions, spirit companions and guides are found. ‘Natural’ androgyns found in modern civilization are much less likely to develop metaphysical talent, mainly because they are not forced to do so, and have more and more outlets for finding like-minded peers among a greater population, connected globally.

Healthy masculinity and healthy femininity are both being confused and perverted in modern society. This results in a breakdown in the family and relationships, causes personal diseases and suffering, and generally breaks down the foundations of civilization. A world of androgyns is a world less colorful, less diversified, and contrary to natural balance… and nature loves and tends towards diversity and diversification. Gwineva has much to say on this topic, and I will quote some below.

"The three aspects or phases of gwinin are called Aweth, Menid and Haloun. Anciently the
people realised that all things about them were held in form by a triple aspected power and
therefore sought to give objects masculine, feminine and neutral genders. Your language has
largely discarded this practice. There was a kind of insight in giving gender to inanimate
objects, for the forces within gwinin which hold them in stability, also play a part in
determining the gender. Haloun in the ratio of four to one cosmic micro cycles with menid is
the balance for ideal masculinity. Too much haloun overexcites certain glands so masculine
traits are emphasized to distortion, while too little leads to deviation towards femininity. The
ideal ratio for woman is the ratio of seven cosmic micro cycles of menid to three of haloun.
More menid means excessive femininity, while at the other end of the scale it leads to deviation
towards masculine traits. In this phase aweth is neutral. Haloun is more concentrated in the left
side of the brain which is, consequently, the seat of analytical, verbal, logical and essentially
masculine activities. Males have better eyesight and a keener, steadier aim. They have a better
sense of direction, are physically stronger though less resilient, are more independent,
adventurous, audacious and aggressive, more ambitious and competitive.

Menid concentrates more in the right side of the brain and consequently this is predominantly
feminine, therefore activating emotional, musical, poetic and intuitive traits. Females have
better hearing, talk earlier, articulate better, spell better and see the world about time in
personal, moral and aesthetic terms. Those ruled by the right side of the brain are dreamers and
idealists, those ruled by the left are the doers…

Male and female children are born with natural, inbuilt tendency to diverge. When society tries
to condition them otherwise it becomes responsible for many of its own ills. An environment of
affluence is less congenial to the development of the males than to the females, hence the
declining quality of your males. Of course, not many will conform to the strict ideal or standard
and there will always be some minor deviations one way or the other. An excess of masculinity
in the world brings upheaval; an excess of femininity gives birth to the preconditions which
spawn the upheaval…

The old whispers are built into the lifetide and the many aspected law decrees that males should
seek to suppress the whispers, while females should nurture them. Failure to do so only brings
sorrow, regret and discord. The overriding law decrees that there shall be male and female and
that these should complement each other and not clash in mutual antagonism. The more life
evolves in the physical, the more male and female diverge; to confirm this, study the book of
nature. The law is unchangeable and the wise bend before what is unchallengeable. When the
divergence brings mutual respect and understanding, stability and fulfillment, delight and
pleasure in the differentiation, society walks in tranquility. When the divergence brings
antagonism and inconsideration, society instinctively feels its undermining and reacts with
social disorders and instability. It has ever been thus…"

– The Book of Gwineva, Part I, Chapter 3, The Triple Power