The Trail of the Serpent

there is a lot of interesting material here. ENJOY - thought provoking.

please share with others, much old material that may be hard to find, is within, as to references : antiquity, and old books, by long gone authors …

Generalizing and linking all secret societies and smaller spiritual and occult movements into a grand conspiracy with one central agenda is an old game. It is most often played by misinformed and malleable fear mongers or disinformation agents belonging to other secret societies that wish to damage their enemies in the public sphere. This book was apparently written by the latter (disinformation agent), a Christina Stoddard using the pseudonym ‘Inquire Within’. The book, The Trail of the Serpent, is an agenda driven mish mash of truth and lies meant to damage certain enemies, and bewilder the public away from certain Paths.

Discrimination, as always, is recommended when venturing into these muddy waters.

Research links Stoddard herself as one of the “Ruling Chiefs” of the Mother Temple of the
Stella Matutina, hence the need for a pseudonym for her books. What does she say for her occult society, I wonder? Certainly not that she belonged to it.

A lot of research can be gone into this area, but a couple links below will begin to help one find the trail for those interested (although it is generally a waste of time):

Plotting the long history of underground wars is mostly a fool’s errand.

Instead, actually ‘Inquire Within’, following the Soul’s true path of enlightening oneself internally. Increase virtue, become pure, learn self control, harmonize with goodness, and grow internal awareness by being still within… and bypass these games. Once the Light is ignited within, what is without can be seen clearly.

This Stella Matutina cult/group sounds like another soap opera of a group dividing and having their differences and talking nasty about each other. Part moved to New Zealand, and The Maori were mentioned in the link below.

“The Stella Matutina (Morning Star) was an initiatory magical order dedicated to the dissemination of the traditional teachings of the earlier Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Originally, the outer order of the Stella Matutina was known as Mystic Rose or Order of the M.R. in the Outer.”

I’'ll read more of The Tail of the Serpent tomorrow. I just purchased a small book on Mitharism, so CHAPTER I- Sabeism, Eleusis and Mithras might be of interest to me.

Books are written to project the opinions of the authors for the most part. Discernment has to be used as always.

Look for truth, (watch for altered quotes from other sources), and do your best to take the authors prejudice out of it. It can be difficult, and it’s not always easy, as I know all too well. Plenty of books full of prejudice that spill out some amazing facts you can research. If you can’t find the “facts” mentioned in the books with good research, then it could very well be fantasy, and the authors opinion.

interesting .... Thanks for the background. I was reading it, and noticing it was getting a bit jumbled. I will look into the other links as I go further onward ...