"The truth must be told..."

Martin Luther King on war and those who support war

Ebenezer Baptist Church, April 30, 1967

“There are those who are seeking to equate dissent with disloyalty.”

King could be talking today about Iraq, about Afghanistan, about Pakistan and any other number of countries where the US is waging war overtly and covertly - not for self defense, but to assert its power.

Motown released this speech in 1970 and won a Grammy for it for “Best Spoken Word Recording.”

King was shot dead under still mysterious circumstances on April 4, 1968 in Memphis, TN. To this day, his family does not believe the US government investigation into the circumstances of his death was adequate.

The news media is not interested in their opinion on this matter and neither is the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, or the President of the United States, Barack Obama, who on the day of this writing (August 24, 2013) are on a podium claiming the moral authority of King’s legacy.

In a country where official obscenity is a daily occurrence, this is an especially odious display of hypocrisy and fundamental dishonesty.


I have to agree with the authors of the above statement; this certainly does reflect the way of the world where the US government is concerned in today’s society. However, it must also be realised that it is not solely the US government who follows such an approach, but also the governments of the UK and other European Union countries. Look at the conflicts happening around the world - particularly in the Middle East - and particularly what has happened to countries where there has been so-called democratic intervention. None of those countries who have been liberated could now be considered stable. In many ways, the US government in particular, cares little for democracy (as can be seen by their illogical backing of the general Syrian Freedom Fighters - a growing number of whom avow their loyalties to Al Quaida; an apparent terrorist organisation whom the American government has vowed and declared to fight till the bitter end for their supposed atrocities against its citizenry).

These same so-called freedom fighters (and I say this with tongue in cheek) have vehemently and publicly declared their intention of forcefully taking over Northern Syria and turning it into an independent Al Quaida state, yet the American government is hell-bent on removing the current Syrian government with the aid of these so-called freedom fighters no matter the eventual cost!

To me this is politics gone horribly wrong - black is now white, and white is now black (evil is now good, and good is now evil) - particularly through the eyes of the corporate media and their trolls (I know this is now an internet term, but I think it fits here).

I share this woman’s feelings. My feelings have nothing to do with partisanship regarding this. I’ll say up front I’m a registered Republican/Conservative. That has more to do with voting laws in my state. I can’t be independent and vote in certain elections. But by registering as Republican or Democrat I can vote either way, or anyway I choose to. I lean more conservative, sometimes green, sometimes libertarian, and independent so that’s the way I chose to register.

Not that it really matters at all any more. The world is upside down, and it’s been opposite day for far too long. Think about what is truly right and wrong. Use your true feelings, and not be swayed by the talking heads and nonsense. Shut off the distractions, like TV and just think for yourself. rant done. :wink:


A very apt and interesting video (and article) Diane. Thank you for putting the link up.

The sad truth is that there are many like this lady who feel at the end of their tether with regards their country’s so-called politics, for it is not just the United States.

I believe Obama, like those other presidents over the past few decades, is a mere puppet, but no more so than many (if not most) other world leaders.

As to why people seem to be taking little notice of atrocities on both a national and international level? Well, this is an undercurrent proliferated by unseen forces that promotes a sense of helplessness. We see everyday examples in our entertainment industries, our media - particularly television, movies, tabloids, and gossip magazines - our education systems and the deterioration of essential human services such as the right to defend one’s self and one’s family, the right to access clean, uncontaminated water, the right to breathe clean, fresh air, the right to a fair trial, adequate healthcare services, and so on. All these things are disappearing and an alarming pace these days and yet we are being portrayed as not caring about these things.

You would be surprised at just how many people are against the injustices being proliferated around the world today. You would be surprised at just how many people believe they are helpless in the face of this so-called progress and the civilising processes involved. You would surprised at just how many people really want to do something about these things.

Really, all it takes is for someone to take the first step - it matters not who or what that someone is - just as long as it is someone else; that’s how the picture is being painted to us.

There are many out there with the most amazing information, teachings, and so on, but for one reason or another, these people and organisations will not or cannot be heard. When will this all stop? Well, who knows. Perhaps we really do need to have another cleansing where civilisation (this time our current one) needs to completely crumble and, from the ruins, start afresh.

I would like to think not.

Ra, your wish will be granted soon…the cleansing is near, even at the door.
Listen for those hoofbeats brother.