The Twice Born in the Kolbrin

Len, Please explain to me of you will.
Are the “twice born” in the Kolbrin Israelites,or something else ?
I was wondering when I came across the phrase, if it had something to do with being “born again”, or circumcision.
Or does it refer to some ancient ritual that would initiate one into an inner realisation of the path of the true way ?
Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated brother Len.
Love and light, and Shalom…

This requires some degree of explanation, which I don’t want to undercut by a short answer. I shall attempt to answer in more detail within the next week or so.

Thanks brother, I look forward to learning more…

The Twice Born of the Kolbrin were not Israelites, a specific racial group or religious sect, or any group of people that could be identified as such by lay people. On the other hand, there were Twice Born who were Israelites, Egyptians, outside racial groups, different religious sects, men and women, and rare members of the nobility, priest class, and common folk. In other words, someone who was Twice Born could come from any walk of life or group. Yet, those who could claim to be Twice Born were in the smallest of minorities, as they had achieved the highest known spiritual advancement capable on Earth. Most of the writers of the Kolbrin itself, had not even achieved the status of the Twice Born. This should give one an idea of the highly rare and exalted state this status conferred.

In the old (Egyptian) meaning of the term, it took a minimum of 21 years of dedicated training to even attempt the initiation into this select group. Even many of those who had passed the many and arduous requirements to take this step failed and died in the attempt. Most of the writers and characters of the Kolbrin itself were not of the Twice Born. (Which does not imply that those who did not attain this status were not wise or advanced or great teachers, they most certainly were!) It was such a difficult and dangerous process that it was not something most on a spiritual journey could attain to in one life.

What the initiatory process contains has changed with modifications over time and culture. The process of becoming Twice Born in Druidic Briton was different than Old Egypt, although the results were similar, and certain virtues and benefits were gained and lost through these changes over time. These precise processes have been, and remain secret, due to both personal danger as well as the danger of allowing the knowledge of something so sacred and powerful to be abused, exploited, and corrupted by the profane, ignorant, and corruptible.

The results of attaining the Twice Born status included being given absolute assuredness of the continuance of life beyond Earth, a being able to see beyond the veil of material frequencies at will, and clearly. Not just sight, but the ability to travel or shift through the dimensional frequencies at will; through time, space, and dimension. This included seeing into the future or the past with a clarity that most present seers can only dream about. It also included metaphysical abilities that border on the seemingly miraculous, but actually are only the direct application and innate understanding of universal laws that are perceived and utilized by most humans but dimly. The nature and direct functionality of these abilities shall not be described in detail here, as it is not proper on a public forum and would serve no healthy or useful benefit if they were.

The status and initiation of the Twice Born are for the fewest of the few. It is a status all of us might attain after many lifetimes of learning and growth, and represents the pinnacle of advancement to be had in an Earthly incarnation. It is the graduation of graduations on this plane. While it is something to aspire to for those consciously growing on the Soulpath, it is not something likely to be attained by most seekers in this life. There are many Lessons here for all to learn, and if you learn but a few of these, you are ever closer to this lofty goal.

And keep in mind, even the Twice Born are not all wise, they have simply graduated from Earth. Their training continues elsewhere, although they do occasionally stick around or return to help their younger brothers and sisters on their way.

Nice post Len! I do recall one passage in the Kolbrin that said that even some of the Twice Born thought they were too enlightened to ever fall again to their previous state and that proved to be their demise :wink:

It certainly is a risk, and has happened. The higher you are, the harder is the fall. Such is the increased responsibility to oneself and others that grows in proportion to power and wisdom.

Also see Luke 12:47-48: “The servant who knows the master’s will and does not get ready or does not do what the master wants will be beaten with many blows. But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”

By the way Manu, I seem to recall something similar about the risk of fall to the Twice Born in the Kolbrin, but I cannot place where it is. Do you have an idea where perhaps, or is it one of our cases of “missing Kolbrin passages” again? :wink:

I know I found this one after much looking for it once, but now I don’t exactly recall which chapter. It was something about the Twice Born flying too low like a bird close to the sea and not expecting to get wet.

New to the forum and slowly working my way through topic threads. Reading the Kolbrin, it also seems that the mere act of becoming a Twice Born by default shortened the lifespan as certainty and assurance not being manifestly part of earthly life. Specifically thinking of the story of Hurmanetur in the Kolbrin. We all would be receiving that certainty and assurance at the inevitable time of death, while seeking it when alive negated the purpose of earthly living: The production, conditioning, and elevating of mankind (from Gwineva). I would rather be walking in the light and learning from it. Faith is a gift! Grace is always pouring down, we need to only tip over our cup and receive. Peace!

Becoming Twice Born does not necessarily shorten one’s lifespan (except by certain people looking to kill you!), and has the potential of even lengthening one’s lifespan due to the mastery and control over personal physical and metaphysical bodily processes.

The quest for the Mastery of Life, the Grail, the Philosopher’s Stone, the Twice Born is a personal choice and quest. Some choose and are ready for it, others are not. All are at different stages of learning on the journey. And while certainty and assurance are not manifestly part of Earthly life; neither is the Earthly life, the Earthly journey, reincarnation, or Earth itself an eternal process. The peak and end of that journey is the Mastery of Life, to become what some have called Twice Born. One reaches this pinnacle sooner or later, and it is not a bad thing to take a faster pace or slower one. Find your own rhythm, and what is best for you where you are at.

Could you perhaps broaden this claim, as i am interested in who these people are

Edit: Addendum

I know of some that have been killed in the past though (e.g. Giordano Bruno).
Maybe this is what you meant.

Who these people are, or who they were, is not so much my place to elaborate on. Their personal identities are rather unimportant, and they never wished to be worshiped or become gurus. Yet you can read about many details of their personal lives scattered throughout many parts of the Kolbrin. What is more important is what they taught, and the actions and sacrifices made to reach the levels of clarity and insight they achieved. These actions, sacrifices, and teachings are what is most required to study and practice for those seeking to be Masters of Life on the Soulpath.

Questions beginning with ‘how’ or ‘why’, rather than ‘who’, I may be better able to help with…

(And yes, free thinkers such as Giordano Bruno being burned at the stake, for their uncompromising search and stance for ‘Truth in Opposition to All Else’, is precisely what I meant. The voicing of certain Truths and questions is sometimes resisted violently, and this danger would certainly be greater for one ‘Twice Born’…)

Yes, i can see how i was rushing there.
My attempts to draw conclusions, based on assumptions, made me blind to this.
The picture did not turn out to be so pretty, but it is not my intention to delude anyone to believe anything. I am however looking forward, as i am sure there is much to learn!

Edit: Especially the english language ::slight_smile: