The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Hello everyone. I was just looking at the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights for some reason and figured it was a good topic for discussion. I expected the document to be really long and was in fact trying to figure out how long it was as i was arguing that a lack of brevity would indicate poor morality, however I am sure that is something that itself can be debated.

I found myself disagreeing with it quite heavily and i would contend that it certainly is not perfect but thankfully it did occur to me that it is probably better than no Declaration of Human Rights at all! But i would leave room for the argument that a set of rules no matter how insightful or ingenious does not make a good person and go as far as saying that, the hallmark of our society is naughty people sneaking in and out between the gaps in phalanx of our morality. Here is a link to, what seems to be, the full text of the charter.

I would say article 18 is quite interesting with regards to religion and would obviously ask what the limits to this are. Also article 23 is interesting as it claims everyone has the right to work and would question how far that extends and that section 2 of article 23 is something i have actually seen broken first hand!

Generally i find myself wondering how in the light of this document my government can justify some of the wars it has got us involved in recently. This was my first glance at the declaration so i am no expert and found myself curious about the etiology of such definitive morality which i suppose is something worth further investigation.