Thoughts on Reconciliation

“Reconciliation” completely blew me away. I can’t even express my thoughts right now. I’ve always known. How I knew I don’t know. It’s ok now…it’s ok to be me. it’s ok. tears…

;D ;D ;D

Very happy for you, Diane! Sounds like a breakthrough. We’d love to hear what you’ve learned once you’re able to tell… File that one under ‘Reconciliation’, though… :wink:

It is indeed a very interesting book Diane. Like yourself, when I first read it, it made complete sense, although I don’t really think I knew the fullness of the words written until a little later when I was in situations where I had to put those words into practice. Simply reflecting on the words gave me a completely different perspective of beliefs and belief systems.

Wow, where can I get, or read Reconciliation ?

Reconciliation is available to read free for any registered, logged in member of the Culdian website. Log in to the main website (not the forums), and click on the “Teachings” tab. There you will see a link to all our present online Teachings.

Registered members also receive a monthly email/newsletter, and the link for Reconciliation is in that email, and will work after you sign in to the website.

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I’ve read reconciliation 3 times now, and gone back over some passages many times. After the first reading I cried. Probably the first time I’ve cried for myself in a very long time. The second time reading it, I cried for the entire Christian world. It was a validation of something I’ve always known and haven’t been able to understand why we’ve been taught something much different. The validation that Jesus did not die as a sacrifice for our salvation. My impression is that we weren’t born bad, and we especially didn’t need The Supreme Spirit to sacrifice Jesus to save us.

That the Christ did historically exist and was a great master and teacher. This I believe, but I also believe that the story we’ve been told in the NT has been over 70% untrue, and a great deal was left out and twisted which brings us to the tragic situation the world is in today. I do believe he possessed spiritual powers and insight of a highly evolved order, and that they have been endowed from a source beyond earth.

The importance of the doctrine of reincarnation. This is extremely important to me, and I do believe if it were reintroduced to Christianity it might just change the world. One would have to take heed of their own actions and the results of those actions. The blame game, and dying Saviors would have to end, and the knowledge that you are in charge of your own destiny.

Earth is place of searching not discovery, and that truth is not something found on Earth. That being said, I will continue my searching in hopes of at the very least getting closer to truth, knowing full well it’s not within my grasp.

“Gifts without which there would be no progress are the spirit of curiosity and inquisitiveness, a spirit of adventure, a desire to know the unknown, an urge to see what lies beyond the present understanding. A spirit of exploration which delights in discovering the exhilarating, the exciting and the unexpected.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. What a glorious path I’ve been on.

“Among all creatures those who must seek diligently are man and woman for a mystery surround their nature.” Why is this something that has been so removed from us? Why have they gone to great lengths to conceal this relationship? Something very important is missing from the later Christian teachings.

If I may share a passage from another book.

“At present, we have the paradigm of a perpetually bachelor son and a virgin mother as our ideal of holiness. A possible result of this combination is devaluation of the conjugal relationship of flesh-and-blood partners throughout the centuries. Yet it is the relationship of Bride and Bridegroom that is God’s model for holiness, as expressed by innumerable prophets and mystics”. Starbird, Margaret (1993-06-01). The Woman with the Alabaster Jar

Mary replaced the bride. She gives life, but in an in-human way where she serves as the vessel for the creative work of the father. This reduces the body of a woman to a shell. She’s asexual and virginal. Women’s power is in their ability to give life. Mary’s power is based on her giving birth to a man-god, (Jesus), who would give up his life. Rebirth became more important than birth. This is the one that I find an “ill-fitting garment”.

“Futile foolishness to delve into past errors”. Truly if we have not learned from these errors we are doomed to continue to repeat them. Until the natural balance of the sexes is reinstated we will suffer greatly. “Let the errors of the past remain in the past.” That cannot be done until people see the errors made by whom and why. If we continue to believe the dogma of the Christian Church in regards to the feminine, the whole Savior sacrifice thing, the elimination of reincarnation, and have not learned from the errors they put forth to us as god’s truth, we cannot move forward toward the natural balance, nor will we be able to take responsibilities for our own actions.

These things were done by, “good and well-meaning men”. I can’t accept that right now. I think the good and well meaning ones were stamped out by those with evil intentions. Wisdom is a vile serpent? When you look into the Albigensian Crusade of 1244, The Inquisition of 1233…it appears there were 19 of these crusades from 719-1456. The death toll alone turns me away. When you look into the tortures used against these human beings you wonder how a man could do that to another. I don’t see them as good and well meaning at all. Their intentions were not honorable in any way shape or form. Their intentions were selfish and self serving. Just the estimation of the murder of 100,000 to over a million women healers during this time makes one wonder about their intentions, not to mention all the men and children murdered, towns burned down, history destroyed. These horrors are the just obvious tips of a deliberate campaign to eliminate everything and anyone who got in the way of their goal.

So I sit back and look at Christianity as a whole. “Let all that is best in Christianity be yours”. How could something that had it’s beginnings in something so pure, natural and loving have become so very ugly? What happened here? Can I forget the past, forgive and forget what the “main body” of Christianity has done? Right now, I don’t see that happening. Maybe some day, please have patience with me here. I’ve only found out the depth of many things just in the past few years, the shock and absorption of this information, and coming to a reconcilable state of mind aren’t quite there yet. Are there good Christians who’s hearts are pure, absolutely. I just haven’t found the shoe that fits me quite right. I think the closest I’ve come is right here. I connect with the teachings for the most part, but I do wish more Culdians would speak up and share more. Those that have, I’ve found great respect for and have learned from.

If I only believe that Jesus tried to steer us on the right path, one that very few continued to follow and remain alive, would I be a Christian? I suppose I would be. I asked someone once what faith she thought I was, and she said I’m a “seeker”. Guess that means still seeking. But heck, I’ll always be doing that. :slight_smile:

Gosh Diane, that was one of the most heartfelt, pure, and touching posts I’ve read in a long time… almost made me cry. I do have more to say on what you’ve written here but need time to let it settle.

In the meantime, I have to move to another thread to address the “bad Diane”, the ‘little fox’ among the vines. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Rut ro, I’m in trouble again. ::slight_smile: Guess I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t. ;D

And thus, Diane, reconciliation begins to unfold…

Hmmmm, I read it, and somehow kinda got bogged down with the thought "how the heck could anybody just remember all that, if it was said to them in a conversation " ?
I mean seriously, surely, this was channelled at a later date ?
I fail to see how anybody could remember such a long discourse accurately.
I’m not saying the message isn’t a good one, though like Diane, it somewhat sticks in my craw, I just have a very hard time believing that this bloke was able to “remember” what the being said to him, I’m thinking he wrote it all himself, and used the other being like a pen name.
Anyway, release the lions if you will, truth is what we are about no ?
I stand to be corrected, if it must be, but my error will be honest.
Love and light people.

As in all things Sha’ul, in order to know the validity in the words it is best (if at all possible) one knows their channel. Having known the author for many years, it is not difficult at all for me to believe the words, especially when the process of channelling is known.

To be bogged down by such thoughts, though definitely acceptable, need not necessarily be the best approach. However, that is a personal and individual thing.

This you are entitled to believe, but remember to leave room for expansion. With knowledge, and moreso with the understanding of that knowledge, comes greater clarity and even wisdom…

I would be really interested to find out what you believe the message is and possibly how you could relate it to your own experiences to date. If you could put aside the how of channelling for a while and pen your thoughts on the message, I feel very confident that you (and everyone who reads this thread) will generate some amazing insights - especially in light of your own penmanship.

The fact, too, that the content somewhat sticks in your craw is only natural. What we need to try doing is transcend the seeming injustices that may or may not have happened historically (whether culturally or personally) and look at ways we can minimise our reaction to these things so they have less of an impact upon us as individuals. I’m not saying here we should simply ignore whatever atrocities, horrors, injustices, etc., that may have been performed; indeed not. Acknowledge them and be aware of them, but try not to let them eat at you unduly. We are all here now, and each of us has the opportunity to change what will be from what was.

I don’t know why you’d want to release the lions as they are pretty lazy critters. Now if you wanted the lionesses released, well that would be another thing; they’re the one’s that seem to do all the work in the pride :wink: .

And a Lioness enters the room… ;D Just kidding… I couldn’t resist.

Ok, I can totally relate to the authors experience. “Appearing to be frozen”, feelings of curiosity, frustration, the jolt like an electric shock. Been there, but I had no idea what was happening and at the time of the first few times it happened I wasn’t prepared for what was happening. I’ve never “seen anyone” like Michael exactly. The information comes really fast, very fast. All I can do is look at it as a whole, interpret the feelings and flow of the information. Some words, some phrases, but nothing like the authors recollections. He is/was a very gifted person to have a memory like that. Some people do. It’s an amazing gift. I know people who can read a book and practically, (meaning not exactly), read it back to you thought for thought, (like word for word), without having the book open in front of them. Amazes me, I could only wish to have that ability.

To the authors defense he stated, “now I am not going to claim the ability to recall and report verbatim words that are spoken…”. The words were impressed into his memory and he recorded them shortly after the event. Very smart thing to do, and his recollection of the conversation was probably pretty accurate.

Where in my case, the last time I may have been more prepared to receive, but I questioned the information I received, the source of the information, and fought with it to the point where I didn’t write it down, expressed disbelief and blew it. Maybe I’ll get another chance. So in my opinion it can happen, and I’ll bet it happened just the way he said, and what he recorded was about as close to what was said as humanly possible to remember.

This is one of those things you grab up, take back to your box and think about it. If it’s good you keep it, it’s yours. If you think it isn’t then throw it out of the box. This one stays in my box. I thought it was awesome!

More chances will definitely come Diane, just open yourself to them. Trying to fight against the inflow of information and/or energy is a natural defence mechanism, although practise will eventually overcome this mechanism completely.

As you grow in confidence you will find channelling will come so much easier. I know quite a number of channellers, unfortunately many of them are what I would consider mediocre at best, deriving messages from either their own subconscious and insecurities or lower order entities. There are those, however, who are so very far from the mediocre.

I can only hope. Thank you Lance.

You are bot of course correct in what you say, I can see where you are coming from.
One of the few times I read anything that I didn’t question the authenticity of was Gwineva, I could “feel” it, that it was, and is a genuine message from the “other side”.
I must admit, I find fools very hard to suffer, and I sometimes take a very narrow judgemental view of people, to my fault, but generally I form this opinion only after trying to teach them something good. By their reaction, I form my opinion of their intelligence and character.
I know this probably seems really bad, but often I’m proven correct in my assessment of the individuals ability to learn, also their level of readiness to receive truth, as it were, at a certain level.
Maybe, I’m also sometimes foolish, and hard for others to suffer, I’m sure sometimes, other wiser souls must have had that experience with myself, that I have with others at times.
So, I’d just like to thank the wiser souls I have come to know on this forum, for being more merciful, and more generous, in their judgments of myself, than I have been in the past with others.
Than you all.
Love and light, and good karma be yours.

Sometimes gentleness and patience is required, and sometimes a blow to the head. Know when and how to apportion each depending on the situation and the individual and their motivation. In any case, done in a spirit of love, self control, and genuine interest in the other person are requisites. Otherwise, it is best to keep silent and observe.

We have all been fools and wise men (and wise women too :wink: ). Don’t be so hard on yourself, Sha’ul. Your heart is good (and really BIG) and you are thirsting to learn. As long as you keep trying to improve upon your flaws, they can be patiently accepted and forgiven by others here. I pray you will do the same for me, and other Genuine Seekers here.

Much Love…

I totally support Len on this one Sha’ul. You indeed have an amazing heart and an intrepid sense of direction [how else would you have come across the Culdians and the teachings of Gwineva et al] inasmuch as you see, or feel, or simply know, that something is right. I remember, one or two years back now :wink: , how I was totally transformed by the teachings of Gwineva. They completely floored me and well over 30 years later they still amaze me. Not only did I resonate with the teachings, I also resonated with the people who called themselves Culdians following a brand new path set up only months beforehand.

Like the grass outside, we were all so very green and inexperienced in this sort of thing, but fortunately there were those supporting us as we floundered, on many, many occasions, as we progressed from the cradle (so-to-speak) to a very shaky crawl.

When I think back on these things (I was about 21 or 22 - still a kid) I know how frustrating it must have been for our mentors (corporeal and non-corporeal) in guiding us along.

I think this song might explain how we, as Culdians, feel about you and all those other wonderful souls just waiting to come on in…

Kia kaha ehoa (be strong my friend).

Lance baby, I love you all.
Thanks ehoa.