Tips to Not Miss Out on Posts or Discussions

There are a lot of boards on these forums, and for those of you not familiar with the forum setup there are several ways you can check and see if people have posted new comments or topics without having to go through every board.

The first way is to simply scroll to the bottom of the page below where it says “info center” and click on the link that says View the most recent posts on the forum. From there you will see the most recent posts in order and they’re location.

The second way is when you log in to your account you will see envelopes on the left hand side. New posts on a particular board that you have not seen will show an open envelope. Click on the board with the open envelope, and next to the new posts you haven’t read yet will show the word “new” next to that thread. Also, on the right hand side of each section you will see an link that says unread posts, you can click on that link to read all the unread posts of that section by following the link. But, doing and seeing all this is only possible when you are logged on, so try to stay logged on while you are on the forum.

(By the way, you may get tired of being automatically logged out after some time on the forum and having to constantly re-log back in. To fix this, log out but do not log back in from the top right corner of the forums. Instead, click the Login button on the top left corner of the page underneath the Culdian logo, and it will give you a check mark box to check that will allow you to stay logged in for every time you visit. Link is here: )

The third way is to go to your user profile, then account settings, and then notifications. You can set it up to notify you of posts that you have commented in, or any posts. You can set it to where you will receive notifications for any type of post and for each one, or you can receive a daily or weekly email summery. It is all up to you how you’d like to set it up. Of course, if you have any questions you can message me or post your question on the forum.

Please also see the Notifications instructions to not miss out on posts of your interest by clicking here: