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I think you make perfect sense Enkisfreind. I’ve come to understand that there are some who know how we can be led to believe whatever they want us to believe. They know exactly how our minds work. I wouldn’t go as far as comparing O’Collins with Hitler, but I see your point. His anger is directed, (it appears to me), at the groups that caused the deception and created the lies and fabrications having us believe things that weren’t true. He’s telling us a story about the past, and throwing in his personal prejudice. I’ve had my share of angry moments, but I don’t go as far as to say the old Popes were sacrificing children in tunnels under the Vatican. Yep, he goes that far. If it’s true that’s a hard pill to swallow for anyone, even if you’re angry.

You could fill books with all the horrors committed under the name of Christianity. The death toll alone would be mind boggling. The vast amount of history and knowledge that was destroyed is a crime beyond comparison to anything we’ve ever known. Just saying, there are reasons for the anger in this man that are obvious, and there may be other reasons that are personal to him and we may never know.

O’Collins is very big on Trust Law, and if you study the laws that are in place right now you’ll see that we actually don’t own anything, not even the car we paid off or our homes, the land we think we own, nothing. I think he’s on a mission to change those laws. I haven’t researched that end of his work very much. I did listen to one radio show to get an idea of just what he was talking about in regards to Trusts. I’m probably going to keep my distance from it. I’m no Lawyer and it would probably take me years to figure out how we’ve lost our freedoms while we were sleeping. My interest right now is only in the history he’s uncovered, and if it’s true, and where it originated.

Someone must explain this national karma thing to me. Karma is the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. I’m not quite certain I like the idea of me not knowing, and admitting that I don’t know the depth of the History of the Jews from a Jewish perspective has anything to do with karma. I must be having a brain air bubble again. :wink: Maybe I was never a Jew, or maybe I just wished myself to be one next time around…oh my, I don’t understand. It would be a fascinating experience.

Now you know why my TV is almost always off. :wink: This goes back to the idea that there are people who know exactly how our minds work. We will find these types of things even in books such as the Kolbrin, and the NT. Knowing this is true can be part of the key to be able to block certain triggers don’t you think? Don’t know, but I do hope it’s possible. We can’t go through life avoiding all triggers, but we can learn to see them for what they are and not let the effect us in a negative way.

So what are the options if you don’t try and search for truth beyond? Only study that which goes with what you believe to reinforce that knowledge and crystallize on what could very well be untruth? We can see by looking at others who have crystallized on false teachings how difficult it is to break through to them with fact based reality. Read only suggested reading material from a certain group of people. Only watch recommended documentaries, one set of encyclopedia’s? Stay in the box, and stay safe. That might work if you’re absolutely convinced you’ve got all the answers with you in the box.

I picture myself sitting at the bottom of an open box, filled with all the silly books, articles, documentaries, etc. that I’ve seen and read when I journey out of the box. Life’s lessons never go to waste, they’re always there with me. One by one I rip out a few pages and put them in a stack neatly in my box. The rest of the book goes sailing out of the box like throwing out useless trash. Sometimes I’ll even go back to the trash pile and rip out a few more pages and bring them back to the box, or throw a few more neatly stacked pages out. Every now and then I’ll get a broom and sweep the trash outside the box into a pile and burn it. That’s my way of getting rid of the untruths, the bad stuff, the hateful things, whatever they are. I do it in my mind.

I see a big white room with people in boxes all over the place. At the end of the room there’s an endless bookshelf with the knowledge of the world. Some of us run to the bookshelf and grab some info. Some people are hidden in their box and won’t come out anymore, others just reaching out of their box with one hand. Some go from box to box. Some are holding their hands out of the box so you can run by and grab what they have to offer, and take it back to your box and look it over. Anyway this little exercise works for me most of the time. If I’m too close to the situation emotions can take hold, and then the whole thing goes to hell in a handbasket. :wink: Have to not let the emotions rule. That’s a day glow bright orange sticky note reminder, note to self pinned on the wall inside my box.

Wow Diane, I really enjoy your posts so much, that box analogy of yours is such a great description of how the “finding out” and sharing information process works. Sometimes we like to retreat into our box for a while, to lick our wounds, after we have had others throw their books at us, heavy books, while we are on another trip to the shelf !
National Karma, I see as working like this. The Enidvadew pool is a large round pool, and one person walking around the edge doesn’t really create too much of a whirlpool of karmic effect.
Get several people going in the same direction, nothing much more happens, except they make themselves tired trying to move thru the water, and force it aside and pushing and dragging some behind them.
Get a couple of hundred people, or a few thousand, and the water starts to move, slightly at first.
Then a million, then two, three, four, a whole nation, and they get the whirlpool moving fast, until they find themselves carried along, even being pushed by it, maybe even if they try to stop, the whirlpool has the command, destiny is set by the hand of fate they created themselves, until out of control, they loose their footing under the power of the whirlpool, now driven by its own intertia, until its pwer is dissipated, and the water lies still, with the dead , or worn out and desperate survivors, floating helplessly.
This in my mind, is how national destiny is controlled by Karma, this process, could take one generation, or many, to work itself out.
Another cycle…
I think how prophets see the effects, even though the whirlpool may not yet be spinning, is that the Supreme Spirit, in His benevolence, takes the persons soulspirit forward in time, and shows them the effects of what a people group are doing, or about to do, sometimes good, more often not, so he, or she, can either warn, or guide the creators of the whirlpool.
What do ya think Len, close to the truth ?
Love and light sister,
And to all Culdians

There is one book I can’t read, surprisingly enough. I’m not really certain why. It’s one many here have probably read. I read some of it online. Then I bought it complete in a book by itself, and then read parts of it recently in Tait’s book. It’s the Book Of Enoch. Tait gives it 11 Chapters in his book. Some of it I can get through, then I slam it shut and refuse to read on. Strange isn’t it? I keep trying, and the same thing happens. It’s like a inner repulsion to it. One day I’ll figure out why I suppose.

I know what you're saying. I would suggest to anyone who reads it that they read it knowing it can distort everything you thought you ever knew. He has an agenda, and you'll see it as you read through the material. When I read it bells and whistles went off and I connected it to so much other material, it blew me away. Like reading the Kolbrin again after a few years of research. Light bulbs go on. BUT as you read further, you'll see the person behind the words. He's got a bone to pick, and maybe rightfully so, who knows. But that's his battle, don't take the battle home with you, and internalize it. The history part of it is amazing. Love that, "powerful but true"...indeed I believe it could very well be.
way too many distortions of truth, but there is glimmers of truth to be found when investigating those distortions. I'm not sure if it helps or hurts.
And sometimes when we research the roots of what we've believed forever to be true and have defended time and time again, it turns out that it wasn't true to begin with. painful

The discovery of distortions in Truths is neither good nor bad, helpful nor hurtful, except in how one relates and reacts to such discoveries. One can become bitter and hateful about it, sad and feel betrayed… or one can look further into the context of a supposed distortion and find that what was seemingly a distortion was not distortion at all within the worldview/perspective or ‘set’ that the Teaching was designed for.

(For example, what is a ‘god’ in the polytheistic sense? Is it an alien, an aspect of our own soul, a force of nature, a demon/angel, a long forgotten historic ancestral patriarch/matriarch, a metaphor, or a moral containing myth that uses fantastical imagery and symbology? Maybe the answer is all of the above sometimes, and at other times it is one of these or a combination.)

It is the clinging to the most limited of certain perspectives and ‘sets’, usually inherited from our own culture, without learning the greater perspective beyond these that can cause pain and resentment. (Like how many children feel lied to, betrayed, or sad in learning that the Santa Claus supposedly delivering presents at Christmas were really ‘only’ their parents. [This is the shift into the materialistic perspective.] Only later on can one learn that the Spirit of Santa is a manifest reality, and that they and their parents were touched but partially by this Spirit, allowing themselves to be influenced and make the Spirit manifest in matter. [And, if one is a student of history, one will find numerous historical examples of Santa-like souls that once lived on Earth and inspired our stories of today.]) It is not that all creation is an illusion, but the limited perspectives in the nature of reality that is the illusion.

Some Teachings proclaim that it is the rock that I hold in my hand that is not real. It is better to say that it is my awareness, understanding of, and set ingrained beliefs about the nature of that rock that is limited, and thus not real.

Sometimes the telling of certain Truths are meant to only be relayed and understood by certain people or by certain cultures, which accords and resonates with a specific overall perspective. Those not within or not understanding that outside overall perspective may reject certain great Teachings or Teachers, due to a lack of understanding towards the audience it was delivered to.

Other times the ‘shell’ of the Teaching is specifically distorted in order to block the casual inquirer from either profaning the Teaching or hurting themselves with something they are not yet ready to learn.

In the end, the discovery of distortions in Truth is a good thing if one can, at certain times, brush off the superfluities and extensions no longer needed for our comprehension or emotional stability. At other times, it is the realizing that what is thought of as a ‘distortion’ is only a different level of truth impinging on one’s steadfast perspective. And this is only painful and damaging when the supposed, newly found ‘distortion’ is not fully digested, assimilated, or transcended.

Either keep walking, or return from where you started until you are ready to finish what you start. Standing still or looking back on the middle of the path may just bring one the fate of Lot’s wife.

Interesting imagery of the people in their boxes, Diane. It inspired this post:


I think that is very close to the truth, Sha’ul. :smiley:

A couple addendums, however…

I’d add imagery detailing ‘cause and effect’, for this part of Karma is not as clearly emphasized through Enidvadew… See Culdian definitions:



And concerning prophets, sometimes their understanding is from the Supreme Spirit, or another spirit(s), or sometimes it is from a very deep and advanced personal study of history, culture, morality, and karma… but the best prophets rely on a combination of the above… :wink:

Pillar of salt wasn't it? Love that you mentioned Santa. That's always a heart breaker for kids. I caught Santa in the act, and my older brothers gave far too many clues. It wasn't that big of a surprise, but it hurt just the same. Dad ate the darn cookies I spent all afternoon making with Mom. ;)

Was just reading about the Holly King-Santa last week and his eight reindeer. Good Santa info here.

I also love Leonard's assertion that the Spirit of Christmas is real. I too affirm this, and this knowledge can help ease young hearts and minds.

However not all teachings are Truth and when one can discern the difference then one begins to go beyond what is writ.

giving...Stared reading the New Gwineva material today. Must do more Tithing. Spirit of Christmas is also a spirit of giving? maybe

Just an additional note to my above post.
The British during their mandate of “Palestine”, used to call the Arabs, Arabs, or WOG’s (Western Oriental Gentlemen) and the Jews, they called Palestinians, as most of the “Jews” that were in “Palestine”, when the ANZAC’s won it from the Ottoman Turks, had been there since the ancient times, and there were very few Arabs, or Jews, there at all. Not until the early 20’s, when European Jews started to return, or make Aliyah, back to Israel, actually, only the land of Judea, did Arabs come en masse, to work on the Jewish farms and Orchards.
As, before the Jewish return started in earnest, there was hardly a tree to be seen in all the land, as recorded by historians of the time.
Its a true fact, that you can look up.
Later on, say in the ;late 40’s, they became Palestinian Arabs, and Palestinian Jews, when the State of Israel was declared on May 8th 1948, the Palestinian Jews became “Israelis”, and the Palestinian Arabs retained their title.
Even as today, there are Palestinian Arabs, and Israeli Arabs.

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I felt like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz after the flying monkeys got a hold of him when I peeped in here to see how the conversation was going last night.

Scarecrow: they took my legs off and they threw them over there! Then they took my chest out and they threw it over there! Tin Woodsman: Well, that's you all over!

I think I’ve found myself again, and I’m moving forward. :slight_smile:

I’ve printed out some of Frank O’Collins work, purchased binders and protective sheet covers for the pages. Printed "The New Testament: Aprocrypha, Josephus, The Jewish Wars (Summary) Can be found here along with many others,

Printed “The Nazarene Timeline”, “The Book Of The Cuileann” and “The Book of The Green Race”. The later two can be found here.

I doubt Mr. O will ever put a book in print. It appears to me from reading about him, he won’t do it because he doesn’t want to earn any money from it. Admirable, and only time and research about him will tell if this is the truth. So far I can’t find where he has. Found his radio show interviews, but those were about “Trust Law”. There was a “The Book Of The Green Race” Timeline. I didn’t print it in time, and it has been removed from the internet. He probably did this because he will be adding information to The Green Race Book. That’s what has prompted me to print out so much of his material, and preserve it.

I’m very happy that you not only included the timeline here, but also Mr. O’s research. There’s a vast amount of info out there that he’s contributed. I will use quotes from his research, and links to the information, when posting about different sections.