Unusual Timeline

Not sure where to put this, where to share it, or if it’s worth even looking at. But I was searching the internet today looking for Nazarenes. I had read a few times that Nazareth wasn’t really a place at all. It was more like a group of initiates, priests…etc. That Jesus from Nazareth really meant he was of this group. I’m not saying any of this is “truth”, only that I found this time line today quite by accident. In it are many things hinted at in other books and articles I’ve come across. I know nothing about the group “One-Faith-Of God”, other than what they’ve listed about themselves on the site. When you get a chance take a look at this time-line, and share your thoughts.

By sharing this I’m not trying to upset anyone or to attack their faith whatever it may be. Just looking for intelligent, logical, feedback. The dates are really interesting…, so far back, like where did they find this info? guess work? don’t know. thanks


Indeed an interesting timeline. It seems the author(s) have a somewhat dim view of the Roman Church and, as can be seen at the end of the timeline, a very ostentatious view of their own sanctity and divine? place in their grand scheme of things (even down to the biblical 144,000). Personally, I hope they don’t have too great a handle on the concept of harmonics…

Actually, I found this quite interesting:

By the Covenant of One-Faith-Of-God, One-Faith-Of-God shall be the official and only body recognized as representing the will of God and the wisdom of the great prophets and saints in regards to the unity of Judaism and Christianity. All other organisations, all other states who claim authority on such matters shall be subservient.
It would seem these people/this organisation are/is the author of the timeline above. What do others think of the quote?

This timeline is based on elements of well known history, little known history, and some misplaced hypotheses. Anything questionable in facts, or colored by potential personal motivations, or something just not feeling right in your own intuition should be checked, rechecked, and cross checked (And then check yourself for your own motivations and colorations :stuck_out_tongue: …) . It is advisable to use visionary/meditational/intuitive means to look into these matters if one is proficient at such things as well as reading and getting the opinions of the scholars. Balance is important here. With enough experience, it becomes much less laborious and you can just sense the patterns these things originate from very quickly; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And yes, Lance, very nice catch on that quote you posted. Although there were several red flags, that quote alone is enough to make me keep my distance. Unfortunately, this is an obvious error that this group will be called out on if they survive long enough, and they will simply change the wording in order to make intentions and objectives less obvious to the public. This is partially why practices of expanding internal awareness and moral discipline are so personally essential to spot out information, teachings, groups, and practices that are less than healthy or wholesome.

To me the red flags (including the quote) are reason enough to investigate this organisation further. Backing away from such a situation is not necessarily wise simply because what they say on the surface may not concur with our own beliefs. However, there is sometimes much that can be learned by digging a little deeper. Like all of us here, these people, too, are on their own spiritual journey and they, through the Laws of Attraction and Vibration have met up with likeminded people. Whether we think they are delusional or not is irrelevant in their eyes.

You are right, though, a clearer form of truth will ultimately prevail. Let’s hope it doesn’t take too long.

It is not a matter of agreement or not with beliefs that should have one backing away, but rather indications of cult like tendencies. And perhaps you are correct. These things should very much be further investigated from a certain perspective. And at the same time, there are some interesting items on the timeline that show some awareness of uncommon knowledge. Try to take the good with the bad, I guess, and work together to remove the weeds from the garden collectively.

Excellent post Len. I agree, there are some interesting observations on the timeline, and good investigative work will always uncover rewards of one kind or another, especially if discernment is a key factor.

Hoping to get into the time-line itself as time permits. I’d like to go through each age and see what’s truth and what’s not at some point. But I got sidetracked again…:wink:

I was jumping around the timeline a bit, and then decided to just start at the beginning. I’m finding many related sites. Mostly all on the same type of theme, but they do vary a little. The sites look a lot alike and the info is very similar. Almost like they’re are set up to utilize, but not really being used. Like a web all leading back to a spider. Not saying the spider is good or bad at this point…but there’s Americas-Union.org, Arabian-Union.org, Asia Union.org, Heal-the-earth.org, protect-the-earth.org, one-faith-of-god, one-corp.org, and UCADIA.com. Ucadia.com has links back to some of the other sites, (you have to poke around a lot to find them), and to this…

http://one-ireland.org/default.asp This site also has a time-line. And it has these books? Not certain when they’re written or by whom. The Book of Tara,The Book of Clan Glas (Green Race), The Book of the Cuileann (Holly).

Here’s a link to the 3 books.

oh so very interesting…I’m liking those 3 books. No time again to read them through…arg. I could do this all day and night and never get bored. Thanks for your thoughts. :wink:

Bingo! Found the author. Frank O’Collins. I poked around and found that he claims his family tree back to the Druids (Holly or Holy Men which he claims are the O’Cuilleain) in Ireland.

I’m finding his writing’s interesting, but as usual I disagree with some things. Almost finished with the online"The Book of The Green Race". Very good, tons of history in there, but I can’t help but get annoyed that he makes every Goddess worship religion that of child and human sacrifice and cannibalism. Upsets me…I don’t know if it’s true as of yet or not. I’ve read many books that say human sacrifice by those religions was nonsense. My own sense is that a “mother”, “goddess” would never allow you to touch a hair on their child’s head without throwing herself in the path. If there was human sacrifice I don’t think The Mother had anything to do with it. But what do I know? I just prod along seeking the truth.

Sections 331-333 In the Book of The Green Race has to do with Julius Caesar and the Druids. I found that super sweet! Now to find out if it’s true. I’ve found mention of Kings and priests traveling back to Ireland, (and Britain), for spiritual education. He also mentions Joseph of Arimathea in section 270.

Then I got to thinking…hmmm. It’s said that the Druids never wrote anything down. hmmm. Could they have written history down, and lineage, and just not their sacred teachings that had to be taught only by memory? Don’t know.

Here’s a few lines from 331 Green Race Book about Caesar

32.CÚ-LAOCH then did instruct 33.The scribes and priests of the scrolls 34.To show unto Caesar 35.The great collection of Tara 36.Not even the Greeks could imagine 37.Thousands of years 38.Of Manuscripts and writings 39.Of long forgotten kings and pharaohs 40.Of bloodlines and history 41.So the truth to Caesar 42.Of the origins 43.Of the Egyptians 44.Of the Greeks 45.Of the Celts and the Latins 46.Were revealed

This is from Section 270

20. Jeremiah did hand him 21. the standard of the House of Judah 22. That upon a sacred marriage with Princess Tephi 23. A union of the most ancient bloodlines 24. of the Holly 25. The bloodlines of Ebla 26. The Hyksos 27. And Now the House of Judah 28. His descendents would unite the world 29. And rid it of evil 30. Thus the Red Lion upon the yellow field 31. Became the standard of the court 32. Of the High King of Ireland 33. Of the House of the Holly 34. And the title Ha Rama Theo 35. Which means His Divine Highness 36. Wrongly written as Arimathea

There’s more about Frank O’Collins in the link. Seems he was educated by the Jesuits at Xavier College (HSC in 1982) Melbourne. Now he’s a software developer? Have to poke around his bio some more.

Every idea has a creator. Every book has an author. Frank O'Collins is the author of the open source knowledge and truth system of law and society well being and balance called the "UCADIAN model".

Whatever your opinion of my ideas, a question that has probably formed in your mind is “who is Frank?” and “how did he come to write these ideas?” I hope to answer both questions in this section of the web site.
I also hope to do one more thing for you that is infinitely more important than who I am and how I wrote this web site. It is to tell my life as honestly as I can so that you can see that I am no less or more than you.

I hold no special powers nor special gift. I am a living man, having been granted unencumbered title over my body, mind, spirit, voice and face by the Divine Creator just like you. Yet because we are human we are ALL more for it.
I have made many mistakes in my life and stand accountable for my actions, without excuse. I have hurt people, loved people, annoyed others and sometimes helped. I am getting older and one day I will inevitably die and life will go on.

To claim or believe that I have any greater power than you is to perpetuate a tradition that has gone on for far too long. You need no guru to interact and understand the mind of the universe. You are the absolute and you are you.
In fact to claim otherwise is to insult the power of the very office to which we are all born-- the office of trustee of a True Trust into which is conveyed divine right of use of our own body by Divine Trust and the Divine Creator as the highest office I will ever hold for eternity.

To break the chain. To be free. To be free of the belief that we are less and some are more. To be all we can be. This is my deepest hope with ucadia.com.
I am just like you.

Skeptics, disinformation agents, mentally ill supporters of the parasitoids
If you come to this website as a skeptic, or professional disinformation agent, or one of the many mentally ill who continue to support an insane world run by terribly mentally ill parasitoid elite families, then welcome.

Over time, there have been some of you who have demonstrated an ability to read. This is good as those who claim to represent science, logic and reason need to occassionally demonstrate such skills still exist in forums championing such claims.

I know for many of you, your minds are like solid state memory that has been completely programmed and nothing will change such programming. While this is terribly sad, I hope that you are able to at least consider that the world you so religiously follow might actually be the source of insanity, not the other way around…
Unfortunately, too many of the people who lurk in such skeptic forums and claim to represent the voice of reason possess no such skills. Instead, in numerous forums, complete fanciful rubbish is created without a single piece of rationale evidence.

I have never asked for money for advice. I have never written or researched out of the goal of profit, but for the truth. Nothing about UCADIA can possible be considered a cult whatsoever.
Yet this won’t stop some of you who are terribly enslaved by the mental illness perpetuated by the ruling elite. Without evidence, you will simply lie.

But some of you, hopefully will read on and resist such openly contradictory behavior to what you claim to be.
So it is hoped that such people do read and even if they disagree, even if they feel such information is negative, such opinions are based on the skills they claim to possess.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion, so long as it based on reason, and research, not lies and propaganda.


Just thought I’d let you know an update on this. I emailed Frank O’Collin’s. I asked him for sources on the material in “The Book Of The Green Race”. Waited 3-4 days, figured he wouldn’t email back, but he did. He said the book is composed of 28 years of his own research, and is an accumulation of tens of thousands of sources rather than any one source. If I took one piece of it and researched it, then I should be able to find many sources that back up climactic events, historic events and change.

Some of it I can find from other sources, but mostly more modern Christian influenced sources, other sources deny a lot of it, or the events are not mentioned at all. The climatic events are easy. Change is easy to see, everything flows like it all really could have happened that way, no big missing gaps of time, or radical twists. He also mentioned that a new updated version of the book will be out in a few months. So new information is always being added as it is found. I wish all books were like that. :wink:

But basically I’m no further along in finding the sources of important parts in that book than I was. Frustrating. Appears it’s as if you believe and trust in what he says then that. I just don’t function that way given information delivered as fact with no facts to back it up. Either way, still fascinating. I keep peeping for updates to it.

Look forward to your results Diane.

Hi team !
Well, something that bothers me about what I have just read is this.
According to the Hebrew Prophets, and also Jewish exegetical lore concerning such matters. It is NOT the house of Y’hudah that should have its “standard” whatever that is, in Ireland. It would be the tribe of Ephraim, or such other of the Northern tribes of the exiled "House of Israel (Beit Y’sra El. Who, were exiled by the Assyrian empire, and scattered by them throughout Asia Minor, and whom later travelled West, to settle in Western Europe, and Britton.
Beit Y’hudah, who were not exiled en mase until 70AD when the Temple was destroyed, Yerushalyim sacked, and 1000.000 Judeans killed by the Romans, did Y’huda actualy leave Eretz Y’sraEl (Land of Israel).
Why is this a problem ?
Because, if there is any veracity in the Biblical text, Ya’akov says , prophesies, that the "Staff " symbolic of the rule of Torah, and of the judgements therein, shall NOT depart from Y’hudah.
Thus, although the ten “lost” Tribes of the House of Israel, have lost, and forgotten their original identity, Judah, throughout 2000 years of exile, did not.
So to me, the idea that any one, Yosef of Arimathia or not, had the “symbolic” staff of Judah, and that they would give t to anybody, if such a thing indeed existed, is complete madness !
I have done some research, and their is no mention in any Jewish source, of an actual staff, that was ever a standard for Y’hudah, except during the Exodus, when the Hebrews camped together, they all had a flag or such like, to define the tribal HQ, so that different folks should know around which tent to camp.
That Sceptor, or Staff, spoken of by the Patriarch Ya’akov, was, like many prophetic images, only a symbolic image.
Love to you all brothers and sisters !

Hi Sha’ul! There’s the largest obstacle I have. I don’t know enough history from your side of the fence. I truly wish I did. My theory has been for awhile that it was a west to east migration. Think of the stories of Atlantis and it possibly being located in the Northern Atlantic. Think too of of the stories of Ea and El. If something happened like a catastrophe of some sort in the area of the N. Atlantic, the migration of knowledge from that area would have scattered all over the world, and in that area it would be west to east. What if the same enlightened ones from the area of The North Atlantic are the same “tribes” or peoples that went east? Going back home would have meant a migration back up to the area of Ireland. It’s all theory, but this O’Collin’s fellow has wrapped a lot of info into one book, and I’ve found more than one timeline from him.

I have another reason for my fascination with Mr O’Collins work right now. It has to do with Jesus. I’ve never and will never let go of those teachings. It’s finding some real proof of him living during that time has been very difficult, and no one has ever really accomplished it. Not that I think I will at all. This Author in his “The Green Race” book makes him real, with a real family, descendents, travels etc.

This is part of the “Nazarene” timeline from Mr O’Collins. It’s not an easy thing for a gentile or a Jew, and both would have issues with it.

"6500-5500 BCE Dawn of the Cuileann/cuilieann (“Holly” (holy) men also known as “Shining Ones”) of Wicklow Hills of Ireland. Save population from barbarity and first priest kings to preach self-wisdom, organised religion for humanity and salvation.

5500-4500 BCE Cuileann/cuilieann travel across Mediterranean spreading organized religious culture, the basis of modern civilization and begin western trade.

4500- 4000 BCE Ireland first source of gold for Europe. Used for the fashioning of religious icons of the Druidic religion of the Cuileann/cuilieann. Gold has retained its mythic/religious qualities ever since.

4500- 3500 BCE Cuileann/cuilieann conquer Britain and transform Salisbury centre of human sacrifice into Stonehenge, a monument to wisdom, astronomy, and a new-age.

4500-4000 BCE Founding of city of Ebla (“white rock”) in Nth Syria by A-da-mu (Adam).

4500-3500 BCE Era of the great patriarchs of Ebla including Ab-ra-mu (Abraham), E-sa-um (Esau) , Ish-ma-ilu (Ishmael), Is-ra-ilu (Israel), Da-'u’dum (David), Sa-'u-lum (Saul)

4500-2500 BCE First supreme Gods of Ebla (first historic references) are El and YH (Yah), from which YHWH is derived.

4500-3500 BCE Founding of Eblaite language, from which all Western semitic languages originate including Aramaic and Hebrew.

3500-2500 BCE Ebla becomes the major world centre for processing natural bronze/gold from Ireland . Population of over 250,000 by 2500 BCE.

3500-2500 BCE First example of civilized democracy in history with 7 year rule of nobles. Failed after becoming hereditary rule from 2500 BCE to capture of Ebla.

2300-2290 BCE King Ibbi, son of Ibrium, last true ruler of Ebla.

2300-2290 BCE Sargon the Great conquers Ebla, captures the massive bronze stores from Ireland; introduces ancient Syrian Gods of Mother Goddess (Cybele/Inanna), Dagon and Baal; introduces black magic and human sacrifice, especially child sacrifice of one’s own children.

2290 BCE King Ibbi establishes new home in Ireland. Founds Eblana “new Ebla”, a site on or near Dublin and intermarries into the Holly (holy) family of the Cuileann/cuilieann.

2290 - 1850 BCE Ireland now known as Ibbi-Éri or Ibiru “Land/Island of Ibbi”

1850 BCE Irish now known as the Hibiru (from which the word “Hebrew” originates) re-conquer Ebla and expel satanic magic/human sacrifice and worship of Syrian gods, restore Elohim as supreme God.

1650 BCE Hittites, raid and completely destroy Ebla, taking the massive bronze stores. The Hibiru escape in their fleet and obtain sanctuary at Avaris in Egypt through the Thebian Egyptian priest classes.

1648-1540 BCE
Hibiru (Hebrews) become Pharaoh rulers of Egypt. In Egypt they are known as the Hyksos (“foreigners”).

1540 BCE Hyksos/Hibiru defeated. Leader exiled back to Ireland. Take marble throne of Amen-Ra and the Serpent Sceptre of Pharaohs, their hallmark. Marry into Holly (holy) family which now become known as the “serpents”. Remainder of exiles migrate to Ugarit and become the Phoenicians.

1355 BCE
Tuthmoses (Tuthmose V), first son of Amenhotep III and Crown Prince, renounces the throne and chooses to exile himself to Ireland (Hibiru/Iberni) in search of the “serpent” wisdom.

1352 BCE
Second son of Amenhotep III, Akhenaten (Moses) becomes Pharaoh. Strips priests of Amen-Ra of power and creates new universal religion of monotheism, wisdom and end to black magic and human sacrifice.

1348-1346 BCE Major plagues and climate/economic catastrophe in Egypt. Population blame Akhenaten (Moses). Akhenaten chooses to go into exile in Palestine and Jerusalem. His royal standard (ark) becomes the Ark of the New Covenant in Jerusalem.

1346 BCE Before leaving into exile, Akhenaten ensures his fourth daughter Neferneferuaten Tasherit and his mother Queen Tiye are safely taken across to the care of Tuthmoses in Ireland (Hibiru/Iberni).

1340 BCE Akhenaten returns to Egypt to reclaim the throne and is soundly defeated. Returns to palestine and captures Ugarit as his new capital. Phoenician black magic/satanists banished. They form new colonies across the Mediterranean including Saturnia (later called Rome) .

1330 BCE Phoenician exiles land at Inver Sceni in Bantry Bay, Ireland (later known as the fabled Eberians).

1320-593 BCE Constant civil war and chaos in Ireland, home of the Hibiru. The Serpents/Holly (holy) family go into hiding, move further south.

1205 BCE Descendent of Ramesses called Pharaoh Merneptah, destroys Ugarit. Immortalized in Stele of Merneptah. First mention of descendents of Akhenaten (Moses) as Israelites.

1205 BCE Israelites (exiled descendents of religion of Akhenaten) establish colonies in Nth Africa, Greece, North Italy.

1065 BCE Pharaoh Smendes (1069 - 1043 BCE) grants Israelite priests (of the religion of Akhenaten (Moses)) to found a permanent temple in the heart of Egypt at Elephantine Island.

1065 -410 BCE First fully fledged Jewish Temple at Elephantine Island oldest and longest operating ancient temple of Jewish history."

I’ll stop the timeline there for now. That’s quite enough to digest. I don’t know if anyone has read Freud’s book on Moses and Monotheism, but that would probably help processing some of this info. I’ve read sections of it, and other authors have written about his theory. It’s a very different way of looking at things. I’ve found pieces of this information in many other books. I’ve never seen it all put together like this.

Hi Diane,
Sorry to be a downer, but I don’t sense the ring of truth in what this joker is putting forth as history.
I believe there is much truth in the family tree of the Jewish, or Hebrew people, recorded in the Torah. The genetic pool of Israel, studied in modern times very closely, also backs up the patriarchal lineage as described in the Torah, I could use the Levites as an example, that have a particular haplogroup all of their own, even today.
There may indeed be some truth in what he is saying, but I think he has woven it together with an agenda, for whatever reason, to make the Cymri /Israelite descended Irish look more involved in history than they are.
I think the first real civilisation, was the Sumerians, who learned all, from the Anunnaki.
Gold, is valuable to humanity, because it was first valuable to the Anunnaki.
If you really want some meaty information, you should look at the Brit Am Israel website, of Mr Yair Davidy, a close personal friend of mine, and top in the field of Ten Lost Tribes studies, in the Jewish world.
There is a common thread, of purpose, that runs thru history, that took the Hebrew slaves from Egypt, who descended from the Patriarchs, who descended from Avraham, who was a Sumerian. And lead them around the world, to eventually inhabit the British Isles , the U.S, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, and lets not forget Canada also.
This is why, Yosef of Aramathia, or whatever his title, was lead by the Supreme Spirit, to take the Kailedy, and the light therin, to the Druthim in Briton, because as Jesus said “I come for none, save for the lost sheep, of the HOUSE OF ISRAEL”. As apposed to the house of Y’hudah, who didn’t need any light, just a kick in the pants spiritually speaking, and a wake up call, which unfortunately, they never headed at the time., I should say we, because as you know, I am Jewish.
This scattering of the Northern tribes, was all prophesied by Ya’akov, on his deathbed, as he fortold what the national character would be of the nations that rose from his children, and of their physical geological position in the “acharit HaMayim” or last days., before, as we hope, the onset of the celestial age.
Now, I don’t claim to be some kind of seer, or guru, or prophet, but I have done my share of study in these matters over the last 20 or so years, and I can’t exactly say why sometimes, but sometimes, things just don’t add up, or make sense, and this is one of those times.
The truth I do know, to be true, wouldn’t be true, if what Mr O’Collins is saying is true.
Another small thing, and very telling, is that there was NEVER any Palestine, for anybody to run too, or to return to, in ancient times. Not until 168 AD with the final defeat of the last Jewish zealots at Massada did the Romans rename the provence of Judea, Phillistia, as an attempt to blot out the Jewsh history from the land, and disassociate the exiled Jews from their homeland. I think this fact, that he chooses to use this term when referring to the ancient land of Y’srael, is very telling of his motivation.
Sorry to rain on your parade sister…
Love and light.

I’m going to let Mr. O’Collins slide on the Palestine thing for now. Seems it was mentioned much earlier in history, and he could have just used the term to relate the story to that area. But yes indeed, those are the types of things that can be used to debunk something. I know he’s mentioned Sumeria. It will take me a little time to find that. I’ve found references to the Holly Priests being behind the scenes in many parts of history in other books, besides Mr O’Collin’s work. Sometimes in the form of the word Magi.

The term Peleset (transliterated from hieroglyphs as P-r-s-t) is found in numerous Egyptian documents referring to a neighboring people or land starting from c.1150 BCE during the Twentieth dynasty of Egypt. The first mention is thought to be in texts of the temple at Medinet Habu, which record a people called the Peleset among the Sea Peoples who invaded Egypt in Ramesses III's reign.[4] The Assyrians called the same region Palashtu or Pilistu, beginning with Adad-nirari III in the Nimrud Slab in c.800 BCE through to emperor Sargon II, in his Annals approximately a century later.

The first clear use of the term Palestine to refer to the entire area between Phoenicia and Egypt was in 5th century BC Ancient Greece.[8] Herodotus wrote of a 'district of Syria, called Palaistinê" in The Histories, the first historical work clearly defining the region, which included the Judean mountains and the Jordan Rift Valley


Well, yes sister, that would be the Biblical Phillistines, and their land, wich Joshua dispossessed them of.
Aza, or Gaza, even now, the Palestinians, in Hebrew are called Ha Phalishtim, meaning the Phillistines, sworn enemy, of the Jewsih /Israelite peoples.
Even today, the enmity continues, though todays Phalistim, are in no way related physicaly to the ancient Phillistines, King David having wiped the last ones out during his time. The Phillistines were allied with a people known to the Hebrews as the “B’nei Anak”, meaning Sons, or Children of Anak, I wonder, since these men were giants, some of whom had six fingers, and six toe’s, if the were Anunnaki hybrids ? B’nei Anak, Sons of the Anunnaki ?
Thus, to offend, and disposes, and blot out the relationship of the Judeans, to Judea, the Romans renamed the province Phillistia. The Brittish using the Roman title also,unfortunatly after they captured the area from the Ottoman Turks in 1917.
Interestingly, it was Australian and New Zealand (ANZAC) Israelite descended troops, that faught the hard battles against the Turks, and won the land back, thus making the way for the return en mass, of persecuted European Jews to their ancient homeland later on. Yair Davidy could show you, where this event was foretold in the Hebrew prophets.
Sorry to the forum that I have lead this conversation way off topic.
Shalom, love and light, to you Diane.

What an interesting lesson in national/cultural karma, no?

And so it continues…

Come on Len...make a post write your thoughts. Did you read through the Green Race Book at all? I'm having a great time with this book. I've found just about everyone who was anyone in it. The Triple Goddess, Arthur, Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea, Moses, Akhenaten, Caesar, you name it they're there. Like one neat little, but very long package. Problem is from all the stuff I've read over the last few years...this thing makes sense. Very alternative sense. Ok, a little off the normal track of things sense, but it's a blast to rip into. Enjoy it like you would a fairy tale. Is it fact or is it fiction? hmmmm ;)


It is very interesting, and it makes you think and research. All good, just don’t let it take hold of ya. Think for yourself and search for truth at all times.

I’m sorry, Diane, I haven’t had the time to read any of this material besides the timeline, and my thoughts thus don’t go too far beyond the initial red flags I’ve brought up about Frank O’Collins.

One has to tread carefully here. O’Collins has tapped into something, powerful and true, but with distortions…

A lot of trouble can be found here if one is not careful. But this is what I do like:

O’Collins resonates with his vast research into history in such a powerful and intuitive way, that it opens up many doors within the reader’s connection to Truth, Spirit, and history. This allows those readers to, within themselves, break through and transport beyond barriers of understanding and sight that otherwise would have been blocked or repressed. Taking this route can take one beyond both themselves, and the author’s understanding, into some very amazing places, solving internal and external mysteries that have been long shrouded…

But again, the caveat…

If the authors that present this sort of theory and information are not pure, or have ulterior motives, there will be subtle traces of frequency distortion which unconsciously affect the reader spiritually connecting with said material that have negative side effects later on down the road, even after the reader has moved on. And there are also psychological hooks or traps that may be found in certain material, that are designed to inflict specific types of changes within those they are designed for (the designing of these hooks and traps generally are related to and are meant to trigger on certain specific personality traits, temperament, moral intention, spiritual or metaphysical level of advancement, and so on…).

The thought comes to mind that one shouldn’t always play with everything that is pretty or powerful… one inevitably burns their fingers. But this is one way to learn, no? :wink:

I know what you're saying. I would suggest to anyone who reads it that they read it knowing it can distort everything you thought you ever knew. He has an agenda, and you'll see it as you read through the material. When I read it bells and whistles went off and I connected it to so much other material, it blew me away. Like reading the Kolbrin again after a few years of research. Light bulbs go on. BUT as you read further, you'll see the person behind the words. He's got a bone to pick, and maybe rightfully so, who knows. But that's his battle, don't take the battle home with you, and internalize it. The history part of it is amazing. Love that, "powerful but true"...indeed I believe it could very well be.

Hi brother,
Yep, I thought about the national Karma as well, quite obvious really isn’t it ?
Still, the Hebrews have lived out the prophesy of Ya’akov, and the other prophets as well, and will continue to do so.
What puzzles me is how is it, that the prophets, including the patriarch Ya’akov, could perceive what would become of the Hebrew nation, even up intill the very times we are in now ?
I am positively certain, that it was not the Supreme Spirit that was guiding the Hebrews, and fighting their battles on occasion, but some other lesser “god”, maybe an Anunnaki, Ea, maybe, or maybe someone else, I dunno.
It does seem to me, that way back, the Hebrew Patriarchs got confused, or duped, into believing that the god they were obeying, was the Supreme Spirit, as I am certain also, of the sincerity with which the later Prophets, Kings and Preists, and common people, believed, that they were worshiping and obeying the One True G-d, wich of course, is the Supreme Spirit.
I can only go by my own experience, I feel I was somhow duped intellectually, but my heart has always been true, while I no longer feel the connection I once did to the “Hebrew G-d”, I feel an even stronger connection to whomever G-d is, ie The Supreme Spirit.
Am I making any sense ?
As for O’Collins, I have serious alarm bells concerning his motives, maybe some, or even a great deal, of what he says is true, but it is to me, the motive, or spirit, in which a message is given, that plants the seed of good or bad fruit.
Hitler had many good points to make, and his speeches indeed had a lot of truth in them, but he sowed his seed with hatred and venom, which the poor Germans drank willingly, thinking it would heal their hurt pride, and vexed spirit after WW1, instead, blaming others for their troubles, and seeking to take what they felt owed from others, delivered them into the arms of destruction and misery, and again, defeat.
Wich will Karma bless or curse, who will recive good or bad enidvedew ? The sincerely wrong, or the cunning and correct ?