Waken your dormant DNA - Meditation

Just wanted to share this channeled by a friend, Enjoy :slight_smile:

Waken your dormant DNA

Close your eyes and empty your mind of cluttered thoughts.

Breath in and out consciously aware of each breath.

Be conscience of your chest and stomach moment, allowing the air to move in and out in an even flow, In and out.

Now, allow your body to relax, by giving your body permission to relax and now give your body instructions to relax.

Give your mind permission to relax and then give your mind instructions to relax.

Give your heart permission to be activated and give your heart instructions to act for your mind and your body.

Focus your feelings towards your heart and connect to your heart your feelings, give instructions to your heart to begin the cleansing process of your feelings, and emotions and your auric field.

Give instruction to the heart to start the process of blood cleansing removing any toxic particles from your system.

Give instructions to the heart energize your body, mind, and spirit healing any intrusions as it goes through the body and spirit.

Give your heart instruction to your heart to connect your mind and body to your DNA information.

See your DNA as it is presently, and then direct your heart to connect to the dormant strands of DNA.

See how the DNA structure appears with the DNA dormant strands connected concisely.

Instruct your heart to accept the dormant strands by energizing the extra strands to work in balance of the other strands.

Except the strands as being a part of your collective structure, of your being, by bringing to your mind, body, spirit love and light.

Allow yourself to experience the connection by giving your DNA instructions to keep the balance of the mind, body and spirit as your connective body is experiencing change through the dormant DNA becoming active.

Know that what you have instructed the heart to do is done; as it is when you feel ready thank your heart for following your instructions. Respect in knowing that you will take responsibility of your actions.

Ask your heart to reactivate your mind and body so they function to their purpose. See your body working as one collective unit all working in harmony, accept the changes, in your body. When your are ready open your eyes.

Messages From The Pleiadians (I,F,U,W,A)
Written by R. Page

Thank you for that Ra.

I’m not sure where abouts in New Zealand you are, but I am associated with a group in Whakatane (along with the Culdians, of course) known collectively as Nga Tohunga o Te Moana a Toi. This is a group of Healers from many and varied walks of life. We get together regularly and have Healing Wananga on various Marae around the Bay of Plenty. Once a year a group of about 20-30 of us head on down to Wellington where we meet up with other Healers (from throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the United States). Last year in Wellington alone we had about 50 Healers plus clairvoyants, therapists and others and we had, over the weekend, approximately 1600 people through Orongomai Marae primarily for Healing work to be done on them. It was truly mind-blowing. A couple of months ago a few of us were in Auckland doing Healing work at the annual national Psychotherapist Convention held at Bastion Point. We had two very busy days doing Healing work on psychotherapists (who had come from all around New Zealand and some from overseas). Again, an amazing weekend. Recently a few of the group have returned from a number of Healing Wananga in Austria, Poland, and Germany. It, too, was apparently mind-blowing. Some of us are about to go into discussions about the feasibility of doing a number of Wananga in North America, Central and South America. I shall keep you informed.

This is a Marae-based programme at this stage, and funding for each Wananga comes via Te Wananga o Awanuiarangi. Even though it is Maori-based, practitioners come from all races - I utilise my Culdian training I received many years back now (ouch, makes me sound a little old here ::slight_smile: ;D ) of which they are all becoming slowly more familiar with and used to now.

I mention this in the event it may interest you. There is a Facebook page they have, but I believe it is one of those you need to get permission to join in order to take part in. Many different styles of Healing are practised, and all the Healers work well together and come from all different walks of life. Tohunga rongoa is the primary driving force, but like any good foundation, it is being constantly built upon by other methods and practices.

G’day Lance, & Shalom.
I was reading your post, and thought maybe I could ask you this.
Many years ago now, my mother, who now has advanced alzheimers, and I used to heal animals and people, it came very naturaly, as such “gifts”, like healing, clairvoyance, and seeing aura’s run very strongly in my mothers Jewish side of my family.
When at age 20 I became a born again Christian ( Oi Vay), I renounced all these wonderful gifts as being of “the devil”, and pushed them away, and received “deliverance” from their “bind” on my life.
I feel very strongly, that these abilities are tryng to come out again, as I am reading the Kobrin, walking the path of the true way, and trying to apply the teachings to my life.
But there is a block, and I cant seem to shift it.
What can I do, is there some way to re activate those gifts passed down to me from my mother, and hers, and hers also ?
I once met a Tohunga, whom my mother knew, his name was Micheal somebody, he lived in Tokoroa, as we did then also, he knew my mother through some spiritualist group she used to attend. He and another guy, Bill was his name, levitated me in a chair, and the room filled with Orange light. Michael the Tohunga, told my mother that G-d was going to make me a giant, tho I am only a small man in size. Who knows what he meant, but maybe you know this man ?
Anyway, I have asked the question now.
May the blessings of the righteous be yours.
Love and light to you.

Hi Sha’ul.

I shall PM you regarding the more personal questions, but shall answer some of your questions in a broad manner here.

The fact that you are questing now is good, but don’t rush things too much.

I personally don’t believe these ‘gifts’ (as you call them) are ever truly lost; misplaced perhaps, but definitely still there. As for finding yours again, well, this will happen, of this I feel quite certain. As for your mother’s? Just because your mother has advanced alzheimers, doesn’t mean to say she is not actually doing the work she enjoys.

Here is an analogy:
I suppose you could liken our body to that of a motor vehicle, with our brain being the motor that allows the car to function, and the driver would be classed as our mind. Now, if the motor is playing up causing the car to falter, the driver can do a number of things. If, for example, the car has been kept in reasonable condition, then repairs can be made either by the driver or by a mechanic where the driver takes a temporary leave of absence, but eventually returns and takes control of the vehicle (body) again (eg possible psychological disorders, comas, etc.). Alternatively the driver (mind) may decide it is time to upgrade and will pass the reins over to someone else (this is not an unknown phenomenon - some refer to such entities/Souls as ‘walk-ins’). Another alternative is that the vehicle (body) and the motor (brain) may have reached their use-by date so the driver (mind) decides to abandon the vehicle and allow it to return to its base elements via the process of decay (rusting) as a result of the elements taking their toll.

Because the car and its components have become unusable does not automatically presume the driver has met the same fate. On the contrary, the driver will probably have moved on to another vehicle that better suits his/her current requirements; being none the worse for wear and probably feeling a heck of a lot happier to boot.

Without knowing your mother, I believe this may more than likely be what she is doing. One thing we have to remember is that we cannot assume responsibility for anyone else other than ourselves (and our children up to an age where they become relatively independent). If we so choose, we can “feel” responsible; but that is somewhat different and in no way affects the reality of what I have just said. However, and this is quite personal to me, we can always try! Our strongest attribute is Love; keep using it.

Unfortunately the names of the tohunga don’t ring a bell.

wow thanks for that Lance, it’s good to know that there is a strong community/network of Healers in New Zealand.

I have a interest in healing, but i am limited in experience publicly, only place i can talk from is my own personal inner healing, which is a continuous journey. Thou I do lay hands on my family for headaches and the like, sometimes my hands are burning hot, according to my partner.

I am in Te kohanga, near the lower end of the waikato river, as it happens just beneath a taniwha, the equivalent to the western serpent/reptile which the head, spine, and tail can be clearly seen via google earth.

Thanks again Lance, I look forward to an opportunity to learn more 8)

The more I learn about the Culdians, the more I admire what the Culdians are attempting to accomplish and are doing, i can see great depth in the preparations being made :slight_smile:

Many Blessing to you’s all