West Auckland

Be great if there was some like minded group I could meet with over here in West Auckland

I know what you mean Sha’ul. You may want to email the Culdian Secretary as I believe there are Culdians in Auckland. Alternatively, grab yourself a copy of the Culdian’s Keltic Meditation cd, get one or two like-minded friends around and do the meditation once a week. I did that here in Rotorua and now the group has upwards of 10 like-minded people doing the meditation and taking part in healing and discussions afterwards. We meet at a group member’s house where we have a lot of fun in the form of debate, laughter, individual healings, chats on various subjects, food and so on - not necessarily of a Culdian bent, but more along the lines of growing our collective knowledge, awareness and understanding of things metaphysical.

I hope this is of some help.

Thanks Lance,
I had not seen your post until now, sorry.
But very helpful, I will be getting the CD, and writing to the Culdian secretary.
Peace, love and light be yours dear brother.