What Is Missing from the ‘Kolbrin Bible’/American Version?

What am I missing? My edition of the Kolbrin is a 21st Century Master Edition. 2006 Published by Your Own World Books. ISBN: 978-1-59772-005-2
Is this edition different from others, if so, what are those differences?

When I wanted to locate and purchase The Kolbin Bible locally (in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA ) I had a very difficult time with all of the book sellers. None had it in stock, and were not able to get it. ( That is what they told me. How true that actually was, I do not know. ) This was in 2007.
The local public library didn’t have one available, nor any of the other branches in a 100 mile surrounding area. I was left with only one option; order it from Amazon.com

This particular post is very informative. Lots of information to grab onto and then investigate further.

Thank you

Hi Rara Avis! I see you’re in Grand Rapids. I have a son, daughter-in-law and grandson living in White Lake MI. I’m in PA not too far from Scranton. Welcome to the group! Someone will surely be along to fill you in on purchasing The Kolbrin Bible, The Gospel of Kailedy, and the Channeled works. Much to learn and read. Oh, and please share your thoughts on any of my posts. I can babble a bit, but I try to keep an open mind and enjoy feedback on my thoughts. Take care, talk soon!

Welcome to the Forums, Rara Avis! What are you missing? That depends on what you are looking for precisely. The version of the Kolbrin you have is the plagiarized American version. It is missing the compiler’s Introduction, and it contains a number of typographical errors. Apart from this, it is a very close copy to the original Culdian version. There is a Book of the Kolbrin that was published separately by us called the Gospel of the Kailedy, which Your Own World Books did not choose to plagiarize. Both of these books (as well as our other Channeled Works we publish) can be purchased through a third party bookseller by going to the following website link: http://www.goodeys.co.nz/catalog/32694-KolbrinKailedy .

Unfortunately, this bookseller sets an exorbitantly high rate of shipping anywhere outside of New Zealand and Australia. We are attempting to set up sale through American and European sellers, and set up E-book versions for sale through the website. I can’t give you a date for this, so it will be up to you whether you’d like to wait for a local or E-version, or spend more for shipping to get what you’d like now. I hope this information helps, but please don’t hesitate to inquire further about anything else you’d like to know. And thanks for sharing your thoughts about your own Journey and interests!