What is the definition of "KOLBRIN"? why and who named it the "Kolbrin"?

The Kolbrin, I have a few questions. What is the Kolbrin? why is it named Kolbrin? where does it come from originate from? Why name it “The Kolbrin”? What is the meaning and definition of “Kolbrin” Is it a person, thing or place perhaps a planet, group or culture, society? These are my questions I was curious about.

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The Kolbrin is a collection of books and manuscripts that, on their face, appear to have been written in different times and places. The threads connecting writings from such different times and cultures is a deeper sort of esoteric spirituality that would have been collected, collated, and preserved by Adepts and Initiates in lesser known Mystery Schools (as compared to mainstream religion). The books of the Kolbrin were, and are, one of many focal points of instruction for students called to the Path of Mysticism, and for Seekers desiring deeper personal awareness of material and spiritual realities. True, personal awareness of these things requires a sort of purification by degrees, and therefore much of the Kolbrin’s instruction is ethical instruction.

It is not a book(s) written for scholars or historians looking to satisfy mere intellectual curiosities, although many of these are counted among the Kolbrin’s fans. Neither was it written for New Age dabblers, apocalyptic alarmists, or those requiring the security of the various flavors of religious fundamentalism. It was written, by and for, Seekers of Truth, and the keys to understanding the deepest of its contents lay within the Soul, which may be found by personally following the same Path that the Masters walked.

The publication of the Kolbrin originates with the Culdian Trust in the 1990’s, and was given to us to publish and preserve from an outside source that chose to remain anonymous. Before this time, the Kolbrin was in a dilapidated state, and required preservation and reconstruction before it was fit to publish. On the face of it, the Kolbrin has a long underground history before its publication in the 1990’s. You will see on this forum, and elsewhere, much speculation on the Kolbrin’s longer history. However, the Culdian Trust makes no claim for its historical authenticity. The publisher’s only claim that it is a vehicle for Timeless Wisdom, and that any stories or historical details not relating to your own life be taken at face value.

The word “Kolbrin” is not a title that Culdians chose to name this collection of books. We speculate that “Kolbrin” is derived from the word “Coelbren”, which is an alphabet, or language, that the Kolbrin may have once been preserved in. Long thought that “Coelbren” was simply a made up language in the 18th century, newer research has come to light showing that “Coelbren” may have much, much more ancient roots.

I hope this satisfies your initial questions, and we welcome more. If anyone would like to add to this, please feel free.

thank you I am truly grateful for your response. It definitely answered my question.

Lastly, what the does the symbol stand for?

Glad to help!

As to symbols, it is not always best to explain in literal terms their meanings. Symbols touch a deeper part of our minds than words, and when we learn to catch their meaning within, much more is revealed than I could possibly tell.

My suggestion is to read the Kolbrin, and think about its overall message… what it is trying to accomplish? where it is coming from? etc. Then, meditate on the symbol. What is it trying to say in connection with the rest of the book?

(Hint: It is a combined symbol, meaning, it is a symbol within a symbol within a symbol, ultimately saying something much larger than their individual separate parts. As your inner eye begins to open, each aspect is revealed.)

While unable to fully comprehend the full meaning of the symbol, one thing that catches the eye is the shape of a womb. The Kolbrin mentions the “Womb of Creation”.

“He took thought and brought into being within Himself the Universal Womb of Creation containing the everlasting essence of slumbering spirit.” - Book of Creation, Ch 1

Len mentioned that all pieces are insignificant in themselves without understanding the deeper meaning. Therefore this is perhaps only one small piece.

All the best.