Who and What is the Daemon? Dangers and Observations

In response to Manu posting the following article ( http://www.plotinus.com/the_daemon_copy(1).htm ), I write:

There is a danger of intellectualizing and verbalizing certain truths before they are experienced firsthand. The initiate is given information in successive stages according to their level of understanding, and when this information is in written form it is often protected behind a metaphorical veil, which can only be unlocked when the aspirant has attained the particular experiential key.

In the example given in the opening post, we typically see three stages. One, God represents the unattainable Other. Two, God is attainable, but through a higher self acting as an intermediary. Three, the higher self is God, and we are all the higher self.

In this particular esoteric example, the clearest danger is forming the delusion of the God complex, or the messianic complex. There is a difference between experiencing the Self in the All, and assuming an individual ego is the All. This is only one of many other complications. It really may only be comprehended safely and accurately through experience, under a prescribed course of given stages.

Rationalization in this example is better after the experience, not before. It would be like the theorizing on the mechanics of swimming, without knowing what water is.

99% of people are so far of even beginning to contemplate such things that it's understandable why Jesus said that only the few go through the narrow gate.

It is even fewer than you may realize, Manuel. Because even if only 1% of the population (still, many millions of people) feel the Calling and consider these questions, perhaps only 1% to 5% of those answer the Call through determined persistence.

This is the meaning of another quote from Jesus, “For many are called, but few are chosen.” Matthew 22:14

This must be the hardest game to beat ever invented.

From the perspective of humanity, I don’t think it is a game that can be beat while experiencing an Earthly incarnation. Only a level(s) can be beat here. And beating that level(s) is plenty hard enough!

Those that answer the call of the Soulpath, tread the hardest road on Earth. Demanding perfection in imperfection. Demanding complete awareness with extremely limited senses and mental capacity. Demanding immortal answers within a mortal frame. It is the seemingly impossible task, meant for those who demand the most out of themselves, the greatest challenge, the most frightening terrors and dangers, and the reward to end all rewards. In other words, it is meant for those who are prepared to stand on their own two feet and put away childish toys. Yes, few answer indeed!

But the main objective shouldn’t be to beat the game or the level, it should be to play the game well, and better than yesterday… With awareness, fortitude, and passion in ever greater experience day by day, the journey becomes the destination. This is true even for those not consciously on the Soulpath. Humanity advances regardless and will reach its goal, but at a snail’s pace compared to the dedicated aspirant. Regardless of time, spiritual aspirant or layman, life should be enjoyed and felt to its depths. It is in that place, the place of passion (even painful passion), that the Lessons are most fully learned and retained. It is in that place we find fulfillment, our equilibrium, and where we are meant to be at a given time.

Long live the Journey, and those passionate players who, with every ounce of their being, love, cry, rejoice, and fight on towards this, and the next, adventure!

I guess after all for most the purpose of life is merely to live. Life itself seems to put things in their place regardless if we know it or not. Great post by the way . It's funny we have such such a jewel of wisdom like you here and not many realize it. I'm surely enormously thankful for being able to read your inspired words from time to time my friend.

You are too kind, my friend. I’m just a fellow traveler that’s sharing what he can and helping where he may. I know that you, and others here, do the same where you/they can. :wink:

But yes, life does seem to put things in their place… everywhere, doesn’t it? All so perfectly regulated with nearly symmetrically styled order… even non-living things… and we find that even chaos obeys certain laws. How does that come to be? How is that even possible? :wink: ;D

Is it becuase there really is no chaos ? Maybe dissorder for a time, but eventually the operation of the logan puts things, all things, in order ?
Everything seems to make sense, it's simply us that are too small to be able to wrap our heads around it most of the time.