Who are the "Higher Authorities referred to in the front piece of the Kailedy?

Who are the "Higher Authorities referred to in the front piece of the Kailedy?

Admin note: This question and its replies were originally posted December 21st, 2012. The subsequent jokes are concerning the hype around the “end of the world” with the conclusion of the Mayan Calender.

well it's not the people HIGHER UP in regard to or at Hebrew National ... they state on their beef products: "that they answer to a Higher Authority ..." HEE HEE

people it’s wonderful to chat so, but time to lighten up once in awhile.

After all it’s not the "End of the World as we know it … I feel fine … "

Since the world is about to end, I guess I can let you in on the secret of the Higher Authorities…they actually reside among the hidden corridors within Oscar Mayer’s accounting department.

Hebrew National is secretly run by the Demiurge…they are our sworn enemy and will be annihilated at the end of this Aeon!

You will have to excuse my answering your question in a roundabout way.

All of our texts have come from one of three sources: from among one or more of our learned members, from among a higher spiritual entity utilizing one or more of us as a channel, or from among anonymous outside sources sharing material with us for specific public or private use. The Kolbrin is a text that would be sourced among the last category. Now, when we accept a text into our corpus, from whatever source, it goes through a testing process to determine its validity. Often, the tests are performed with numerous blind controls depending on the nature of what is being presented. The specific nature and details of these tests are restricted knowledge for Culdians only, and particular items are restricted to only certain members. I have discussed in brief, already, why there are important reasons we, and other groups, keep certain knowledge private, so I shall not rehash it here.

But what I can say, is that certain tests of a metaphysical nature include Higher Spiritual Entities (Authorities). The Authorities mentioned in the Kolbrin shall not be named here, and this is our prerogative, as it was our test; our test for our verification, not for anyone else’s. It was not meant for the general public to so easily verify the authenticity of the Kolbrin, but there are means to do so, should some among you find the key.

One last word; we have made public (against my personal judgment), the names and natures of no less than four such Higher Authorities that anyone may read, study, or connect with spiritually should they have the inclination and motivation. Their names are Gwineva, Rowena, Celestina, and Michael. Those of you wishing to understand the nature of these Beings should study and focus Within.

I find your questions stimulating, coming from a source that clearly has a comprehension or inkling of certain deeper secrets. I also appreciate your tests, but you’ll have to work on subtlety and gentleness a bit more (and the knowledge of when to utilize them, or not), as these traits will serve you, and your targets, better in the long run.

If you’re interested in me or ‘us’, keep communicating and new avenues will appear over time. And certainly don’t shy away from more questions, but understand that I may not always answer you in the way you may like or expect. I hope you can appreciate why, and may even get more than what you would otherwise than from a straightforward answer.

You’ve been diligent in your work, and the rewards have begun to pay off. Keep in mind, there is much, much more to come as long as you don’t get complacent, and at a certain point, the Universe will answer back with physically tangible manifestations. But I’m sure you’ve already supposed this, and are in fact witnessing one aspect of it right now.

What is essential is that you help others behind you, or you will pay the price for what you’ve been given in less pleasant ways. You may think you have paid your dues already, but that is only half of it, as the price you’ve paid thus far is only to yourself; the other half is paid to the Universe…