Who Is Your Favorite Character in the Kolbrin?

Who Is Your Favorite Character in the Kolbrin? Why is that character your favorite? What is it about him or her that inspires you or makes you look up to them?

I’ll hold off on my answer for a little while, as I’d like to see what the rest of you think first.

I have many of course but I’d say one of my favorites above the rest is Lucius, as he, even having gained the vision splendid, also took a wrong course afterwards and took a fall. Also he spent his life fixing shoes while prophesying to mostly deaf ears. His story is quite stoic.

And even as an old Master teaching his select students, his crippled state does not effect his demeanor, wisdom, ability, or attitude. He was not your common stoic who suffered silently, he went beyond it. Nice choice Manu!

The first person that came to mind, was the Prophet ELIDOR, simply because, he has been there, done that.