Whoa: physicists testing to see if universe is a computer simulation

It's a figment of God's imagination I suppose they'll be saying next ...
true, but GOD's imagination manifests.

God’s imagination does manifest, as does ours…

From Gleanings:

“Man thinks but his thoughts alone do not create, for, as yet, he lacks knowledge of the power which creates in substance.”

Yet also found there and referring to the “ultimate state of man”:

“His thoughts have the power of creation.”

So apparently only the ManGod can create with thought, but us the regular folk can’t :wink:

A baby cannot speak, a child cannot build an estate…yet by imperceptable steps follows the examples witnessed daily by Father, Mother, and Elder Siblings.

the ability to create objects out of nothing can also be obtained by those who have practised the right samadhi. By sheer mental powers they can even walk on water, walk thru walls, fly in the air, etc. When you have attained the Ultimate Non-dual state you can even move mountains. The ability to Create sth does not have anything to do with benevolence, goodness nor omnipotence.
I'm wondering what you mean by "The ability to create does not have anything to do with benevolence, goodness, or omnipotence." Please expand on this notion.
it was directed to Creationism.

if you have the ability to Create sth, it does NOT prove that you are a benevolent nor omnipotent being.

Even if you can create the Universe / Kosmos, it does not prove that you are an omniscient, omnipotent and benevolent entity.
If you say this simple logical truth to a Theist / Creationist, you will surely be condemned as a “heretic” even be sentenced to death.

years ago i even dared a theological professor at a seminary school by questioning about who created Hell according to the faith that he (claim to) represent: Jesus? “God”? or “Satan”?

He could not answer such a simple question yet he was sure that it couldn’t be Jesus who created Hell. So i asked him again: “Who, then???” He confessed that he did not know.

He wanted to answer “God did” yet he knew that his answer would be completely IMMORAL. Pain & Suffering is immoral = Evil itself.

I asked him again whether he knew that enlightened buddhist monks can walk on water, etc. the stuffs that Jesus did? Again he said that he had no idea, never even heard such a thing in his life.

And yet the RCC nominate ppl like these as a professor? The answer is simple: because ignorant ppl like these is just exactly what the Church needs to maintain its false doctrines(!).

still not following... whom do you claim can create from nothing?
if you conduct the right meditation and attain the higher knowledges (abhijna), you can do it. anyone can do it. Theists consider this a "heresy". If so, then their gods are all also heretics.
creating from nothing? Quantum physics suggests that all matter is made up of strings and that those strings can be attuned to turn into anything... still the strings exist before the matter comes into being. If you are saying that we can do this, than I agree with you on that part... but those are still building blocks. To truly create from nothing I reserve for GOD.
And who created this "GOD"??
'There are few, even among truly enlightened men, who are able to conceive My true nature, and these know that I am even above unchangeability in manifestation. I can think of Myself as some other and forthwith that other comes into being. There are those among men who declare all life, all My creation to be an illusion of the senses, a dream without sustenance. They are in error, for all that is real and all that exists was ever latent, awaiting the awakening kiss. Because men cannot know reality as it actually is but only as they can conceive it to be with their deceptive sense, does not make it any less real. If all men were blind, the stars would still exist".

“Neither reality nor Truth, nor the God Who is beyond and above both will be inconceivable to the minds of the ultimate man. Only man in his present undeveloped state and in his ignorance cannot conceive such things and therefore, because in his blindness they are beyond his sight, he says they do not exist”.

“In the beginning I established the Law, without which the souls of men could not develop and progress. As each soul is itself a divine fragment, with all the powers of divinity latent within itself, it can modify all but the Great Law. Man thinks but his thoughts alone do not create, for, as yet, he lacks knowledge of the power which creates in substance. First I created the firmament, which is the matrix of all; then when I took thought the creative power flowed outward and, operating upon the medium, brought into being things of substance”.

“My creation arose before Me as light does before a flame or heat before a fire. It came and still comes into being because I exist, it is because I Am. Creation in no way affects Me any more than a man is affected by his shadow, or light by its reflection. As raindrops, waves, rivers, dew and mist are all forms of water, so is everything existing and knowable by man but various forms of the one substance. This substance has its origin in Me, but it is not Me”.

“I am the source of all things, supporting but not being supported by them. Even as the mighty winds which sweep across the Earth find their rest in the tranquil vastness above, so all beings and all things have their rest in Me. It is a power outflowing from Me which holds all things in stability and form”.

"Can any man think long on the wonder of creation and the complexity of created things and declare truthfully that he believes they came into being of their own accord? Can he look at the awesome beauty of the spinning universe, now so old and yet so full of vitality, with never a sign of declining powers, and say there is no motivator behind it? Can he look at the life-giving light of day and the growth-controlling light of the night, at the teeming Earth and burning stars, and honestly believe that all this is a matter of pure chance? Could all this vast and splendidly run universe have created itself? It could, if a tapestry can weave itself, or a statue chisel itself out from the rock."

And G-d said Yehi Or (Let light be)
V’ Yehi Or, (And light became)
Allegory or not, it suggests that the Supreme Spirit, the Creator of all, only had to will reality into existence. Will, imagination, and thought, all are properties of the mind.
So, from G-ds imagination, came reality and existence.
Nu ?

And are we not created in the image of God, with the spark of the Supreme Spirit within us? The latent potential of God is within us, as the ancient Teachings proclaimed, and as science, as we see here, is just beginning to understand.