William Walker Atkinson

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William Walker Atkinson was what one might call “mysterious” in his life and even his “death” (there are claims that his death certificate is written and signed in his own handwriting). Hailing from a humble background, Mr. Atkinson found the teachings of the New Thought movement (not to be confused with New Age) to be a most useful tool in regaining his health after suffering life threatening illness. After which he went in search of Truth and the Arcane.

Mr. Atkinson has written many books under several different pseudonyms, including Yogi Ramacharaka, Swami Panchadasi, Theron Q. Dumont and the Three Initiates. Most of his books emphasize the importance of the Mind, Willpower and Desire, all of which are nicely defined in his books, and are not what we’ve been led to believe about them.

For any and all interested in his works, below is a link to download the pdf versions of a small handful of his entire collection. Please keep in mind that Mr. Atkinson’s work is now public domain, therefore you should have no trouble downloading it.


Other great authors of the power of mind and prayer are Ernest Holmes and Emmet Fox, for which we may do a separate post.

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Thank you for sharing!

While only having a passing knowledge of Atkinson, I have personally read The Kybalion, which is a modern masterpiece of Hermetic thought that may possibly have Atkinson as an author. Which books of Atkinson do you recommend specifically, and for what purposes?

Very interested in further reading and study along these lines. My sense is Atkinson was on to something very special!