Women as Original Keepers of Spiritual Knowledge

I belive, and Ive yet to learn if its true, but somthing inside me knows. That many times ago, women, were the spritual teachers and leaders of mankind. And, that for whateever reason, bu whatever fate, this was turned on its head. Its interesting, that the Fall legends of ancient cultures, intimate that the Female charachter, falls from some grace, but rarely ever intimates what this grace was.

Was it that they were the spiritual guides of Manking, and somhow erred off the desired course of some greater power ? Or did they discover somthing they shouldnt have. Maybe their human nature overtook them ? Who knows, all we have are the storeis, legends, and myths handed down to us to go by. Which, in themselves may, or may not, be true.

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Hi Sha'ul, thanks for your comment very interesting, in my culture(Maori) The ancient history of the Waitaha, says that it was a women that was created before man, from the red clay of the earth, and yes the women where the knowledge holders and teachers, they were often referred to in symbolic terms as the whale(teachers), with dolphins being represented as the students of learning, this is according to the waitaha history's. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Story Of The First Woman

Even The Gods Are Born Of Woman. And red was the clay and gentle the hands that first shaped her. And she gives us life, and in life there is death, and she waits for us at the end, as she was in the beginning.

Mokopuna of mine, children of caring mothers, draw close to the flames and hear of wonders hidden in the mists of Creation…

When the tides rolled back from the land and the skies had cleared, the Sun shone down on a sacred and distant shore to touch the body of a woman of exciting beauty. She was fashioned from the red earth of Kokowai and here clear red skin shone in the Full Moon. She was of the Kurawaka Nation; those with the skin of the first colours of the rainbow. And the ancient ones cared for her.

And it was fortold she whould become Mother of the Nations of the sea, and Mother of the children of the many winds of the oceans. She was Hine Ahu One, first Mother of the land, moulded and shaped by Tane Nui o Rangi. He breathed life into her beautiful body and in her fathered the first of the daughters of time.

And that daughter was Hine Ti Tama, child of the gentle colours of the dawn. And this daughter of the soft light bore the children of her creator, Tane Nui o Rangi. And as they grew she looked for the grandparent who would give them learning and wisdom. So she went to Hine Ahu One and asked who her father was, and her mother replied…

‘Ask it of the winds, of the stars, of the posts in the house, of the very air that you breathe. They are of the one who is also your father.’

And Hine Ti Tama understood she was the daughter of her husband Tane Nui o Rangi and in her distress she spoke the karakia that set him free. In the deep sadness that followed she decided to become the keeper of the souls of her children when they died. She left behind her old name. We know her as Hine Nui Te Po, the Guardian of the Dead.

Moko, there is knowledge in the light of the flames. Know that women hold the land for they are of the red earth. Understand women count the generations and tie them to the beginning and the end. And always remember they flow with the Tides of Life.

…Song of Waitaha…

That was beautiful Heremaia Koopu. What an interesting history too! I had to find out more...Seems the history can be traced back 2,000 years. Maybe longer?

"The Waitaha comprised three hapu or extended families: The Kurawaka, The Rakaiwaka and the Pakauwaka. These names describe the three stars that form the well known Belt of Orion, referred to by the Waitaha Teachers of the Wananga as the Pepe o Te Po, or the Moth of the Night. In some cases referred to as the Kupenga o Te Ao or the Fishing Trap of the Universe. Both references are made at different times of the year and for differing purposes.

The “Song of Waitaha” was released to the world by Waitaha elders because of the hate and the prejudice that was being created by the Land Claims of different hapu, who had created themselves recent histories at the expence of the First Nations Peoples long resident in these lands of hopes and dreams. The layers in these lands are composite layers of thousands of years of living in peace."

“For it has been decided it is time for our treasures to be brought into the light.”

“We do this for the children, and their children, and all who call this land home.”

“We are of Tane Matua, and we follow Rongo Marae Roa, the God of Peace.”

“In the WISDOM and aroha (love) of those words, we say: `Let the sacred kete (basket containing sacred knowledge) be opened for the ancestors to speak again. Let the ancient karakia and waiata be heard throughout the land. Welcome to the trails of the peoples of the Nation of Waitaha. May you journey far in peace and understanding.”