Wondering where everyone went...

Greetings Everyone,

We feel very fortunate to have come across the Culdian Trust and are looking forward to learning more about your spiritual practices and understanding. Currently reading the Kolbrin and Gospel of Kailedy and are excited to have found yet another set of original scripture which was previously hidden from the world.

What is curious is why the most recent posts are from January of this year… Did everyone migrate to another platform? Is the Culdian Trust still active?

Please let us know if there is another place with which we can associate with you and yours.

Thank you kindly.

Welcome to the Culdian Forums, HIS-Truth! Very happy you found and enjoy these Teachings and hope they add value to the lives of you and yours.

The Culdian Trust is still alive and active. Most Culdians themselves do not participate in much social media, and it is up to me currently to maintain a public presence. As to the other members and posters of this forum that have come and gone throughout the years, oftentimes they were looking for specific answers to questions they had on their own individual journey, and once answered, continued their journey without much public engagement. Much of the spiritual work our Teachings advocate for is solitary, and that which is communal largely deals with family and associated community. We do actually get quite a large amount of traffic to the site of those wishing to learn without engagement. However, I would stress to them, and you, that those desiring Mastery of Life requires more than solitary practice, doing so among likeminded spiritual seekers. Group spiritual practice is meant more for those who have a lifetime commitment towards spiritual enlightenment and ascendency. This is not for everyone.

These forums are also a good repository for good information and dialogue. But it is also difficult to compete with something like Facebook on a subject that is very niche for most people. There is a Kolbrin Facebook page I’d recommend, but it is rather more limited to the Kolbrin and Kailedy, whilst the focus on these forums is rather more broad. See here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/268206779020

I would urge you to look at the Kolbrin Facebook group and continue to post topics and questions of interest here. While I cannot promise a large group dialogue, I can promise at least a smaller quality dialogue. And such dialogue, even among only two, will serve more than you may presently realize.