Words of Wisdom

I would very much like to put on this forum some of the, excerpts from our channeled works, for your interest only.

Individuals have a personal responsibility towards God, life and society; towards their families, their fellowmen and their race. Each one has an appointed place in the Great Design and a specific part to play in the Grand Purpose.

Would this also include the ‘self’ Laraine?

In reference to the analogy of bricks in a wall, which was used on several occasions, this is what was said. " Remember the bricks in a wall. Hence say to others, I have my brick and you have yours, let us therefore build a wall protecting all that is good and great. A wall which will withstand the incoming tide of materialism; and say your brick and mine are complimentary, but not alike" " Thus will be avoided an amalgammation of the ineffectual and apathetic with those more sturdy and worthy, the genuine will be sorted out from the spurious. The best will survive to bear the standards of idealism". Gwineva

How can anyone tell the difference between right and wrong if he or she has not been provided with guidelines and standards against which judgements and decisions can be made? Who better to provide these than the parents? Of course, parents can pass on to thier children only what they themselves believe in. Acceptable family standards should be eternal verities, the treasure handed down from generation to generation, the heritage of the ages. Celestina

For your interest quotes I shall put up from the works we have

I have always loved the bricks in the wall analogy and have used it many times over the years. Thank you Laraine.

That’s is a wonderful analogy, is Gweniva part of the Kolbrin ?

Gwineva is the first of the Culdian guides. It is through her words and guidance the Trust came into being. To know and understand a little of her, Sha’ul, pop into Goodies (or go to the library) and grab yourself a copy of the Book of Gwineva. I believe you may be aware of this book (and possibly others) as Len may have made mention, no doubt, in the past.

The Culdians are a part of Gwineva, as Gwineva is a part of the Culdians.

Gwineva 1 & 2, Celestina, and Rowena are all separate publications and not part of the Kolbrin. These are all modern and channeled works from ancient and wise Guides. These and other publications are presently available for sale in hard copy and will be available in the not too distant future for e-readers and on the main website.

Quote for the day…
“Intervention from higher realms must conform to certain laws and deal with things greater than personalities. Seeds cannot be planted where the maturing plants would be abandoned before the blasts of adversity and aggresion. Ideals are given to men in the expectation that they will be cherished and handed on, they will need standard bearers, not marytrs, survival is the keynote of the future. What I bring is thye wisdom of survivors, of those who will precede the rebuilding of civilisation”.
“The materialists will tell you that ideals have no place in earthly life, that they are things lacking concrete reality, but is not daily life governed by things that have no substance or reality? Do the poles, the equator, the Greenwich meridian, latitude and longitude, hours , weeks, months and years have any real existance? No, they are simple essential guides, without any true reality. In their absence, how would an aeroplane fly from one country to another? How would a ship cross the ocean or without manmade minutes and hours, how could the affairs of men be conducted? Are ideals, moral values and coherent beleifs of any less importance? Intangibles are as much a part of mankind’s upward progress as tangibles”. Gwineva :slight_smile:

Wow, Ive got to get Gweniva.

:slight_smile: Thankyou. For today…

" My advice you may or may not heed, for it is human nature to only take notice of that which conforms with a persons own desires and inclinations, with their own personal convenience. I may say things that will clash with your preconceptions, predjudices or bias, but like a parent primarily concerned with their child’s welfare, I will do whatever is for your own good, irrespective of the reaction. Unlike earthly parents whose children’s minds are malleable, I am dealing with minds already hardened into the moulds of adulthood".

“Life has been good to you, too good, for it has ill equipped you for the struggles of the future. Peace, content and fraternity are objectives, not gifts. Beautiful thoughts are of little use unless they lead to creativity. There are times for quietude and times for action, times for meditation and time for deeds. Beauty can replace ugliness only through performance. Peace supercedes conflict through the expenditure of activated will. Nothing worthwhile ever comes cheaply, nor is it easily held.” Gwineva :slight_smile:

“To the average person the bestowal of benefits without compensating payment would be a negative thing. The gifts would be unappreciated and, like charity, could backfire, as when excessive charity leads to indolence and saps resolution. it is better to encourage and stimulate someone into effort than to waste one’s own efforts on that someone’s behalf. Speaking metaphysically, the efforts entailed to obtain the things desired are often too much for the weaker members of your degenerate society. They repudiate the whole thing and fall back into the comforting arms of complacent placidity, taking frustration and resentment with them as disturbing companions.” from The economy of Life… Rowena

These are words that can set one’s feet on the path of truth, and the way of righteousness.

Please, always feel free to “mother” me Laraine. I need now to get my wife on the same page.

Quest for Truth

Yours is an age of decay brightened by the hope of a new birth. It is a time of bitter conflict between the old and the new, of soaring hopes and disappointments. Their are heroic attempts being made to hold back the surging waters of degeneracy which seek to destroy the dwelling places of ideals.

Be wise enough to see that Truth has many facets and may be approeched by a multitude of paths. Not one of these can be proclaimed as the only right one, nor can one be pronounced wholly wrong…

Become the masters of your fate and the designers of your destiny: achievement lies within your grasp. Always be conscious of the effect of your words and actions. Your outer mind will construct many plausible excuses for your deeds, but do not accept these. Look behind them for the reasons. Ask yourself why do you do this or do that, and just as important why you leave this or that undone. Finally you will discover a small twig irritating the calm water surface, causing a disturbing ripple. Remove the disturbance and return to tranquility. Gwineva :slight_smile:


Time, thought and Deeds excerpt…Gwineva

Time is to be budgeted well and carefully with due prudence, for it is something which cannot be replaced. It can be well used, or it can be used foolishly, it is simply a matter of personal choice. They who budget their time well are also prudent in their choice of associates and companions, lest they be led along paths of futility and idleness. Time lost is something lost forever.

If you wantonly dissipate your supply of time, there is no source from which you can replenish it, no one can lend you time. With the amount of time allotted to you there is much to do, so many trials to overcome, so much evil to combat, so many problems to master, so much to learn and experience, so many necessities to acquire, so very much for your attention. There are children to feed, clothe and rear, relatives to support, sickness to endure; there are your private and public obligations and your duty to society.

This then you must know as being a rule of life… That your mode of living and conduct is to be so ordered and regulated, that there must be timefor dealing with your material needs, a time for dealing with your spiritual needs and a time for recreation; each is to be given due importance. :smiley:

As Gwineva 1 is online I shall take some quotes from Celestina:-
This is the fourth prime aspect of good. It embraces positivity, diligence, vitality, struggle, purposefulness and motion. At its opposite pole are the evils of negativity, carelessness, passiveness, apathy, inaction, purposelessness and motionlessness. Effort is life, its cessation is death. Motion is a prime content of life, stagnation is a state of death.

Creation began when purposeful energy operated upon the primordial chaos which was generated in the Absolute. Since then there has been a continual struggle between the creative energies and the counteracting agencies of motionless chaos. This is the eternal struggle, the fight between the principles of good and the principles of evil. Concieve it in any way you will.

Evil plays an essential role in the great drama of creation. To a culture where evil consists of succumbing to temptations which seep through from the subconscious to the conscious mind and of breaching priestly prohibitions ( the whole classified as ‘sin’), the concept of evil that I present may be difficult to grasp. However , when the idea that evil is the negative polarity of good( the other side of the coin of life) is understood, a much more balanced perspective of creation comes into being. In this more enlightened concept of evil, the part played by effort and passiveness, motion and motionlessness, action and inaction, is probably the one which is the most difficult to understand.

On the one hand there are people who are good, and I do not mean this in a ‘goody goody’ way. They are positive and purposeful. On the other hand there are those who are predominately negative and apathetic. Those are the minions of evil: I do not imply that they are necesarily ‘bad people’, in fact such is the paradox of the position that they could concieveably be ‘good people’ unwittingly serving evil ends. Your society has labelled itself the ‘Permissive Society’, yet within ite ailing body there are forces which do not accept or condone the permissive pholosophy, and these are positive people who stand in contradiction to the permissives, call them what you will.

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