World(s) - Definitions and meanings.

Hi there,

I was just wondering how people define the word world? Websters has a pretty extensive definition from heavenly bodies, all the people of the world, the world as distinguished from heaven and the afterlife, to the individual experience, or concern with, life.

I was wondering how other people feel about this word and if anyone has any etymology? Or in what context you find yourself using this word. Is there a more esoteric, all encompassing, definition than the many in the dictionary?

world, whew! :-\ ,this is just my thoughts of the matter at hand bro, for me or for you to define “WORLD”, we would need to interview the 7 billion+ humans, not counting the other different species of animals and insects… we all have our own meaning and definition of “WORLD”, maybe mine doesn’t co-inside with yours, but surely whatever meaning or definition it has, everything have a part and place in it,… ;D peace…