Yosira Like Joshua and Moses

Wow, this guy Yosira is like a pre cursor to Joshua in the Torah, the parallels are amazing, but he is also like Moses, hearing directly from "G-d". And many of the dietary and moral laws a very much like those of the Torah, only it is assumed that eveil will "come apon" those guilty of breaches of the code of Yosira, rather than retributive justice being acted out by human agents. The hand of the avenger, is not however stayed, and natural justice, primal though it may seem, has its place in this human _ G-d contract.
The Yosira chapters seem to come from really primordial times, that part where he talks of the different "animal peoples" and all their superstitious beliefs which seem to stem from a time frame and location much different from our usual Sumerian, Egyptian, Hebrew etc ancient sources.

That’s why I like reading the Kolbrin , it doesn’t seem like an infallible religious scripture but more like an incredible documentation of ancient creeds and beliefs from times that we may not even fathom.