YOU are your own saviour

Revolution = Evolution. Stop looking for a saviour wether it be ET or Jesus Christ. YOU are your own saviour. Save yourself by living in compassion. Become wise by educating yourself against those who would diminish your spirit. Love and treat your neighbours as you would have them treat you. Live in the light and teach others by example. Honour the Earth by protecting it and fighting for those who are less fortunate than yourself. You have many rivers to cross, before you get the keys to the universe. Only those who have paid their dues by living in the light will get the keys. Just as you would not give the keys of your car to a 9 year old, for fear that they would hurt themselves and others, you would not allow recklessness in the universe. There are protocols, rules, lessons to be learned. Those who yearn for their saviour to arrive and deliver them into Eden will always be disappointed. The reality of your evolution is: there is NO SHORTCUT. The inner work must be done. Look within yourself to find the answers. Those who truly seek the path will be rewarded by their heartfelt INTENT. Your vibration cannot be concealed. Your heartfelt intent is laid open like an open book for all to see. And it is this and only this that guides one’s destiny. Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions form your habits and your character, and your character defines your destiny. No shortcuts, no saviour nothing but YOU. You are Gods creation. God resides in you, and you are part of God. God realizes the creation and itself by living through you. God wants you to ascend to source and to return to the source of all that is. A parent wants al things for its child, happiness, compassion, to love life, and to fulfil its full potential. And so it is with God. Fulfil your potential by becoming wise, and with love. Rise above the darkness into the light and be LOVE. You have many lessons to learn. You don’t learn by sitting cross legged in a Garden of Eden. You become as iron, heated and bent and shaped by hammer and fire, until you are shaped into a force to be reckoned with. A truly sovereign being full of knowing, Love, compassion, and wisdom. This is your path. This is the road. This is the only thing your were made to do. Try, Fail, get up, re-incarnate until your soul absorbs all the universe has to offer. Pain, pleasure, love hate, famine and flood, feast and drought. These are the lessons that the universe has in store for you. Make love, make war. The 3D planet you inhabit is a learning planet. It was made from dust, from nothing, conjured from the “word”, sound, vibration, fashioned into a world of unbelievable beauty and danger. Here you learn the lessons. SO suck it up sunshine. Evolve as God intended. Youtube/service2others.