Eye on the Middle East

I am surprised there isn’t a thread on this subject, so i thought ill start one, with all that is going on at the moment, would be good to get different perceptions on events and happenings. I have been following events since the first gulf war, and correctly predicted the entrapment of American forces within Iraq before the invasion began, and have been studying developments ever since with a keen interest. With developments happening fast from the Arab spring, to the rise of ISIS, and many other multiple wars developing i hope this thread can be a place were we can study current and future situations, relevance of events and end time prophecy, and in-depth study of key players and factors.


A interesting event coming up, This is Ayatollah Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, listen to his speech below, it says everything needed to know about the situation, the charges laid against him are tedious at best, this is a man that promoted peace-full protest.

Saudi Arabia Plans To Behead The Ayatollah Next Week Which Will Inflame Tensions with Iran
By Shoebat Foundation on May 8, 2015

If the execution commences on the 14th, it will most likely cause an outcry from Bahrain to Syria and even within Saudi Arabia where Shiites constitute 15 percent of the Kingdom’s population.

The cyber rattling between Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia stems from ancient wounds that will never be resolved, with Saudi Arabia having destroyed Shiite holy places and Iran making countless claims of persecution. Iran has recently forbidden its citizens from traveling to Mecca to practice the Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam. Iran’s prohibition on traveling to Islam’s holiest sites, Mecca and Medina, confirms that Iran will even eventually abandon Mecca altogether. As it seems, the Sunni-Shiite divide reveals a major schism between two Muslim holy cities, Mecca on the one hand and Karbala (holiest site for Shiites in Iraq) on the other. This is an un-healable divide and the Scriptures in Isaiah 21 predict that Iran will end up destroying Arabia.


Saudi Ayatollah Nimr Al-Nimr Dares Saudi Regime to Attack Iran



Perhaps, Ra, it is because there are a number of similar hot spots either developing or in full swing elsewhere around the world at the moment.

The Saudi’s are indeed playing their part well - cast your inquiring mind back over the past 15 years (or much further back if you want), and see the Saudi trails within the international web.

All one need do is look at Africa and the mayhem being caused there, both from within and without. The same goes for Europe, in particular the antics of NATO. One need only look at the decimation caused within the UK by the introduction of alien policies against its own peoples. Look, too, at the rise of China and those nations fervently opposed to that rise. The US, too, needs watching as its government herds its people towards civil war. Look, too, at the likes of the IMF and World Bank in their endeavours to destroy once prospering nations such as Greece and even Ukraine (to name just two). Look at the antics being promoted in such diabolical treaties as the TPP (in the Pacific) and the TIIP (in Europe), especially after the debacles of similar supposed ‘free trade’ agreements such as NAFTA via the World Trade Organisation (WTO) [supposedly free (in theory and on paper) but most certainly not in practice (unless you are an extremely wealthy and influential corporation)]. I could go on and on here.

There is so much happening here on Earth at the moment Ra, very little of it to do with the natural order of things, and very much to do with manmade greed, control and power.

For example, here in New Zealand and among 13 or 15 other Pacific Rim nations, [secret and behind closed door] negotiations are taking place to implement what is [now] being referred to as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (the TPP). If the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is eventually signed by participating sovereign nations, then a new era of free trade between these nations will commence. What a wonderful opportunity for participating nations to be able to trade with each other without fear of unnecessary tariffs and taxes barring participants’ entry into these countries.

There are, however, a couple of minor drawbacks with the entire TPPA and its processes. Firstly, the agreement is being wholly promoted by the multi-national corporations who wield tremendous power, particularly in the US. And secondly, until the very timely release of classified information via Wikileaks, all of the negotiations taking place around the TPP and its agreement, were behind closed doors - with absolutely no consultation in any way with the citizenry of the participating countries. Courtesy of the global (and local media) the multi-national corporation aspect has been completely downplayed, as has the fact Wikileaks actually leaked a couple of the documents a wee while back. Nor have our wonderful media mentioned the fact that the TPPA will allow businesses (mainly corporations) the sue the pants of any country that refuses to allow them to trade within their borders (of those participating countries) through a dubious so-called legal process devoid of judges; and that supercede sovereign laws and judiciaries, like, for example, New Zealand’s Treaty of Waitangi.

It is interesting that New Zealand’s National Party (our current government) is now touting that these negotiations have been , and are, completely transparent. Interesting as it was only via Wikileaks global insemination of some of the agreement documents that National (along with other participating nations governments) had to eventually acknowledge the existence of the the process, and as a result, recondition our citizenry that it was indeed a transparent process with all New Zealanders being always fully informed from the beginning. This is an outright lie, but it seems that many New Zealanders appear to see this as an unfortunate oversight on behalf of our government; one that is obviously unintentional given its importance to our nation…

But getting back to your original Ra.

Yes, the Saudi’s are indeed playing their part in the collapse of the global economy, particularly where the price of oil is concerned. This is also fanned by the continuing animosity between Shiite and Sunni priests and peoples and the doctrines they adhere to (there is no intended or accident ‘slight’ here of either set of doctrines as they form the belief systems of the two groups and they are each, in my opinion, entitled to their own beliefs - as am I). As mentioned, the Saudis are indeed playing their part, but moreso, the part that requires a complete decimation of the global economy as dictated to by those who many refer to as ‘the elites’.

The Middle East situation is a continuation of a bigger plan that has been in the making for a number of centuries now. In order to view this plan more clearly, one needs to look way beyond the borders of the Middle East, and then beyond any type of geographical border at all - i.e to politics, science, social, educational systems and so on.

Hi Lance, there is definitely a lot going on in the world at the moment, and also within the middle east, there are so many factors external and internal that effect events it was a challenge for me to find a starting point.

All are connected, as the world is one body.

As for hot spots the middle east is certainly one constantly smoldering, i am interested in other world events but thought ill use this thread to focus on the middle east considering the scope of topics involved, i will try my best to relate any info to the bigger picture on a global scale as it will be difficult to see the full picture without mentioning these other influences your insight is greatly appreciated.

There is so much happening here on Earth at the moment Ra, very little of it to do with the natural order of things, and very much to do with manmade greed, control and power

Well isn’t that a natural order of things, man becomes greedy, seeks to control everything, misuses his powers?, hasn’t this happened in the past?, were eventually it caused a stench to rise to the heavens, which attracted the destroyer?, Sodom and Gomorrah?, the great flood?.

There is a advantage we have, and that is we have examples of the past, which give us an awareness to a degree(depending on the clarity), that can help us understand the events that are happening now, to help see the events in the right perspective.

Walls and rumors of walls, most of them self imposed within our own minds.

In regards to the TPP and New Zealand, you see why i think it will be a good idea, the one i proposed on the just an idea thread a while back?

To be honest i have always assumed the problems in the middle east start with Israel. That country is a constant reminder to the people of the middle east that we in the west ‘busted them up’ and our arrogant foolish leaders saw fit to start scribbling on maps and in their ineptitude opened the door for what i personally see as a violent repressive state, Israel. I tend to agree with our friend the Ayatollah that the Sauds enjoy cosying up to the western elite because they line their pockets. I am a firm believer that in the upper echelons of western civilisation there is a deep-seated fear of the old Persian blood and Islamic power and they are playing the old game of facing people off against each other. I know whose side i am on, the hard working Yemeni, the youthful Iranian and the beleaguered Palestinian.

Hi wsimm101

From my perceptive there are two sides, one has the way, one does not, it is not that hard to see which is which, Iran to me have acted accordingly to the way.

Quotes from The Art Of War

Master Sun

Therefore use these assessments for comparison, to find out what the conditions are. That is to say, which political leadership has the Way? Which general has ability? Who has the better climate and terrain? Whose troops are stronger? Whose officers and soldiers are the better trained? Whose system of rewards and punishments is clearer? This is how you can know who will win.

Li Quan

A political leadership that has the Way will surely have a military leadership that has intelligence and ability.

Du You

The Way means virtue. It is first necessary to compare the political leadership of nations at war.

I do not see one major political power structure in the Middle East, working from within or without, that is acting according to the ‘Way’.

It’s all so confusing and hard to understand. I do feel however that we may be perpetuating the war in Syria by supporting these so called rebels, not exactly sure what the long term mission is here. Great quote from Sun Tzu btw! I have that book in my collection but never really got into it.

I agree Len. Nor is the current conflagration what it appears to be.

Hi wsimm101, yes The Art Of War is a awesome book, it is more than just a book on war for nations, it has within it principles that can be used on a individual level for self defense, physically mentally and spiritually, the last factor is overlooked in general by the masses, in my opinion.

This book along with the kolbrin have been my main two influences in my life, both i study with vigor, both continuously reveal pearls of wisdom.

It is this study of The Art Of War which allowed me the perception to see things about conflicts that others can not see, hence my predictions of conflicts have all come to fruition, not because i am physic or anything, but i recognize the principles and see them in action, also recognize the cause and effects of such action and is why i was able to predict the defeat of the united states in Iraq on a long term bases before they even invaded Iraq.

It is with these eyes that i examine the events in the middle east.

In regards to Syria it seems to be total hypocrisy from the west, there is no such thing as good terrorist bad terrorist, since the beginning of the conflict Assad claimed he was fighting terrorist, but the west did not listen or chose to ignore him, it wasn’t until Isis swept though parts of Iraq that the world started to wake up and take heed, even then they still turned the facts around to make Assad look like he started it all. The same formula was used in Libya, now look at what that has created, NATO and allies should be ashamed of the crisis they have caused, and they wonder why there are so many refugees heading into Europe, yet few of the countries that cause the situation are willing to help out.

Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” To Overthrow Syria’s President Assad

The ultimate goal I think is the removal of Assad, the reason why is because of his alliance with Iran. The longer Assad hold out the more desperate the united states and allies become, there have been several close calls already if it wasn’t for Russia intervening, which has a stake in Syria as it houses its only naval base in the region. There are other reasons as well including logistics and supply routes to Lebanon, oil etc.

Syria keen on Russian expansion in Middle East

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/security/2015/03/syria-russia-tartus-base-intervention-expansion.html#ixzz3jcn0ah00

Kia ora Lance. could you expand on this please

“Nor is the current conflagration what it appears to be”

Not a problem.

ISIS/ISL, Al-Qaeda, or whatever the conglomeration of misfits wants to call itself is a mere red herring. Ethnic cleansing is definitely a part of the mix here, but only inasmuch as it serves the purposes as dictated by the elite establishment (not its true name, but one that will suffice for the time being). The inclusion of religion as the rationale simply doesn’t add up, particularly as Christian and Muslim have lived, worked and died side by side for years now with very little or no animosity between them. America’s interference (and to a lesser degree its NATO branch) is a necessary part of the game plan here, considering it is the supposed ‘military/policing arm’ of the New World Order hegemony - the seeming failures that were made apparent by the world media when the Americans were in Vietnam and then again in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and other countries, has ensured that the same types of devastation have occurred time and again wherever the US has been deployed. The corporatocracy rules here (or so it would seem). Whilst the American armed services are fighting wars they are not meant to win, back home the American people are being protected by non-American military personnel and a very militaristic policing force (I hesitate to call these people Police - that would mean they are there serving the wellbeing of the public - this is becoming more obviously not the case). Please don’t get me wrong here, not all Police are wannabe soldiers; the majority most certainly aren’t. But back to the Middle East.

The fighting over there has nothing whatsoever to do with religion or ethnicity, or anything of that nature the corporate-owned media prattles on about. It has definitely nothing to do with keeping nuclear weapons out of the area - Israel has its own nuclear weapons, so this becomes a moot point. It certainly has nothing to do with liberating down-trodden peoples. Just look at the escalating mess in the region now courtesy of so-called ‘liberation’. One good thing I suppose is the NATO bloc (I call it that as it is exactly the same as the old Cold War Eastern bloc) is pretty ineffective, even though they tout themselves as being otherwise. Were it not for outside pressure, including that from the US, they would not have taken part in any of these debacles.

If you want to find out about the bigger game plan, I would suggest you make a start following the money. Once you dig deeply enough into this, you will find out that it’s not even about the money; it’s certainly nothing to do with ethnicity or really about religion - although both are being used as scapegoats. You will find, too, that even the corporations are not the real problem, although they are now a major part of it.

Actually, take a look at the Georgia Guidestones in Elbert County, Georgia, USA. By saying so little, they actually tell so much.

That’s a really damming post Lance! I like it! I agree with everything you said however, i have had creeping feeling that religion does play a part in this, much deeper than the geopolitics. I am scared that it has something to do with ancient religion. It is clear to see how such deep ancient lost wisdom can arouse as much as it can intrigue. I say this because all the wars and conflicts are now situated along the Euphrates river in an era when we should be exploring those ancient sites.

Well, the war machines are running at full power worldwide. It is an economic war, and it is rich against poor. Its about control over Land and the resources , and this has always been the cause. We are facing a massive resource depletion and everybody is fearing that they will come off badly. This fear will lead to cruel actions inevitably (we already can see this). Floods of refugees can also be a quite effective weapon. Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.
Maybe they read sun tzu, too.


i just found this: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-34102656

There’s been a lot of talk here about who may be right and wrong, and potential causes and blame from governments, multinational elites, religions, and profiteers… all of which more can be said, I’m sure…

…But I’m going to step back from all that for a moment, and talk about a Syrian refugee I met a few months back. He was working as an Uber driver in middle America and I had gotten a ride from him. After we arrived at my destination, a hotel, he felt the need (which can happen a lot with me!) to talk with me over two hours about his ordeals rather than getting back to work.

He told me he was a political prisoner of the Assad regime from about a year before ISIS began their civil war. He came from a family that was of the moderate variety of Islam (like most Muslims), and not interested in Sharia Law or Jihad. Some of his best friends there were, in fact, Christian. However, his father had voiced some discontent over the dictatorship of Assad, and was making some noise locally over how Syria would do better to be decentralized, with local power in the hands of local citizens, and how self determination could be had with awareness and non-violence. Word of this talk got to the higher up authorities, and this father, along with my speaker and his brother were arrested, even though the brothers had no political knowledge or interests.

The father was executed. The sons were placed in solitary confinement and brutally tortured. As he talked, my Syrian Uber driver showed deep and penetrating scars, all the way up and down his legs. With a quivering lip, he explained how his torturers “cut him up”, and shattered his knee caps. For nearly a year, he was left in a dark hole; light only returning to the sight of knives and blunt instruments.

Then one day, the prison doors opened. A local ISIS insurgent group had taken over the area in which the prison was situated. All prisoners released, there was heavy pressure to enlist with the resistance. When I mean heavy pressure, there was an unspoken “join or die” type expectation. My driver friend, having no wish to join these helpful “barbarians” (his word), told them he had first to make sure his grieving mother was situated, and would return with more of his friends to join.

Returning home, he found a near suicidal 15 year old sister, and a mother almost catatonic with shock and grief. His sister, previously a virgin, was taken for some days as ISIS came into the area to be gang raped by these particular local insurgents.

I never inquired about the final fate of mother, sister, and brother, but my friend was able to leave Syria via Iraq and make it into the United States as a refugee. He still keeps in contact with some at home. All his Christian friends are dead or fled, ancient churches demolished…

He says he’s happy about his life now, but insists that his mistake was not becoming more aware to political realities sooner. All the victims he knew were not radical, neither for ISIS nor pro Assad, and that the lessons he wished he could give his community, and to those in his new American home, would be to, “wake up”, have deeper awareness of the realities surrounding you, and take power and accountability locally, from the ground up. He believes that if individual people and individual communities were more self sustaining, aware, and independent, people like he and his family would not be victims caught unaware and weak like lambs to the slaughter.

I agree.

And as I said above, I do not see one major political power structure in the Middle East, working from within or without, that is acting according to the ‘Way’.

There are lots of local honest people, both there and here just wanting to live wholesome and simple lives , that would do well to educate themselves, organize, and gain some semblance of independence.

Definitely regarding this refugee crisis we in the United Kingdom have our full share of responsibility to care for these people. We shouldn’t have to, they should be living happily in Syria, but they are not and we are British people are totally going to have to foot the bill for getting involved out there. As far as i understand we have been providing communications and even training and perhaps even logistics, i don’t know. To these rebels so we are totally involved in that war. David Cameron has already admitted in the House of Commons that it is going to last a considerable length of time. I am not involved in government but i can imagine our diplomatic agencies and going to be considerably stretched with our responsibility to Libya, that ancient country. Not to mention our responsibility to Iraq and Afghanistan and by virtue our Yemen even! Indian Jones is going to have no temples left to raid by the way! I think we need to get control of our military and stop this fighting without fighting. As in you can’t fight fire with fire. I think my best solution to that is what was achieved in Northern Ireland where the perceived terrorists were given a political forum. I think we have to accept that Iraq is owed a lot of money and installing some flat-pack two party ‘democracy’, styled on our institutional perfection no less, is not solving or going to solve anything. As your friend said Len they need local government, they need laws, people in suits… so send them there! I don’t pay tax for nothing, I don’t pay tax to pay for do nothing Fighter Aircraft and top gun style pilots. Hire some damn diplomats and lawyers, give them combat training if you have to!! But spend the bloody money and do what is required of us. The fact is as j373z says the war machine is rolling on and so are the economic giants. It simply is not seen as profitable to invest in Iraq? We in the west need to focus on the North Atlantic Ocean and refining our Nuclear Power generating abilities and beginning to use super conductors as at the Hadron Collider to get almost free energy and access to what ever riches lay at the bottoms of the oceans around us. We need to get control of our food resources as a matter of psychological security so that there is no longer the fear of starvation and obviously, with Carl Sagan’s face painted on our space ships, begin to explore the galaxy.


You’re quite right wsimm101, but it is not religion (although the physical manifestation bares such a resemblance); it is a force spanning more than mere religion. In essence, it is a spiritual war that is being fought out here on Earth at this current point in our history - a war that has been raging a very long time. And as is typical in any war, both sides believe they are right and are doing what they believe is best for the ‘masses’.

Absolutely. The global military industrial complex is having a ball. In certain areas there is massive depletion, but not in all. And you are quite right when you say:

...and everybody is fearing...
The fear-mongering has a very strategic and important role to play in the psychological game that is currently afoot. Of course, the mass media is one of the more major players in this particular scenario.

Although you are right in the following statement -

Floods of refugees can also be a quite effective weapon. Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate.
- one has to realise that this, too, is a major part of the fear-mongering being foisted upon the apathetic majority. Our society has been manipulated to react in a manner that is, to those who believe they are in power, in predictable ways. This predictability has been reinforced by the global mass media in its constant portrayal of events as though a script has been written that all [so-called] reporters are obliged to follow.

Fear is a wonderful motivator - no matter how, or in what form, that fear may manifest. Fear has the amazing ability to offer us opportunities to either raise ourselves to the highest heights we could possibly imagine, or offer us all that we need to become lost in the deepest abyss. How we each choose to respond to this is entirely an individual thing; but respond, we do.

Mind control, through various projects and operations, is being increasingly directed against humanity - this in the ridiculous guise of “non-lethal weaponry” (weapons that are far from non-lethal). But even these pale in comparison to the reality of things. (Perhaps I will continue this line of thought/discussion at another time and in another category.)

Like yourself Len, I, too, have a number of similar stories to the one you shared with us here. For example, a Sri Lankan diplomat (high government official) who would have had himself and his family terminated had his government found out what he was doing to spread knowledge and enlightenment to the world. An American ‘IT’ specialist who, through his connections with the American government, could have easily produced very damning evidence that would have made the US government complicit in a lot of ‘crimes against the people’. Like your friend, I also know Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and others who have escaped the horrors of, not only the middle east, but South East Asian, Asian, ex-Soviet Bloc countries, the US, the UK, and so on who have ended up here in New Zealand believing they are safe. There are, unfortunately, a number of people whom I have known in the past who were not fortunate to leave the places they were being tormented in, in time to save themselves (including their families).

wsimm101, you conclude with the following:

We in the west need to focus on the North Atlantic Ocean and refining our Nuclear Power generating abilities and beginning to use super conductors as at the Hadron Collider to get almost free energy and access to what ever riches lay at the bottoms of the oceans around us. We need to get control of our food resources as a matter of psychological security so that there is no longer the fear of starvation and obviously, with Carl Sagan's face painted on our space ships, begin to explore the galaxy.
to which I agree for the most part.

There are better sources of electricity (if that is what we still want to operate with) than that of nuclear generated by unsafe nuclear power plants (what happens to the waste?). What about the generation of power the same as that which was produced (and still is to a very negligible degree today) from generators such as stone circles, pyramids, leys, etc. We have a technology called, here in New Zealand, psionics (in the US they call it psychotronics). This technology has the potential to literally send us to the stars and beyond. Tesla gave us, once again, the means to generate unlimited electrical energy for mere pennies. Not only that, but many of his other ‘ideas’ were pretty phenomenal as well. For transportation, there is enough evidence to support the fact that many men and women around the world have invented water-based engines that could easily power our cars, trucks and trains. To say that we are running out of ‘clean’ water is balderdash. We have the technological know-how to clean most polluted water. We have so many different ways of producing food, that the peoples of Earth, even now, could be fed with utter ease - and with plenty left over!

We are living in amazing times. There is so much we can do to make our lives, and the lives of all those around us, so much better. Not only that, we have the ability (each and every one of us) to make this world a truly amazing paradise should we wish to do so. For sure, we can concentrate on the negative, and perhaps that is why the opportunities to do so are so prevalent, but we can also lend our concentration towards the positive (whatever that may be) and more readily work towards positive things.

A picture is worth a thousand words


Week twenty of the Russian military intervention in Syria: a ceasefire and yet another huge victory for Russia


It is all about OIL.
Peak Oil is real. We are living it. Both sides have been and are being funded by the same group. Not the banks, not the governments but by the few families that own the banks, corporations, governments. The current troubles have been recognized in the 1940’s. That is when it was predicted that north america would reach peak oil production in the 1970’s. That was played out as “the rise of OPEC”, what a joke. Global peak oil was predicted then. And the aftermath… welcome to my world.
The carrying capacity of an ecosystem or biosphere is based on balance. Energy in and energy out. It is the law. We will be living on a one or two billion person planet in the future. The longer it takes the less infrastructure will remain. And the families probably would not like that. So welcome to war, the expensive way to kill, and famine a little cheaper. And GMO’s and industrial food and medicine… the most efficient method known. It is all written in black and white. Check out the history of the CFR, Agenda 21, who started and built the UN. Who owns the global media… all of it. The solutions are in the mirror and in the house next door.