First Hand Knowledge, Second Hand Knowledge, and Enlightenment

The Rig Veda is one of the most powerful and profound texts I have ever come across. The information, knowledge, and wisdom contained within have only barely been deciphered or ‘unlocked’ by the vast majority of modern day students.

Knowing what we know about the culture, tools, and resources of ancient India, I’d like to pose an open question to the group. How did these ancients acquire this knowledge?

(The same question could be proposed for the advanced knowledge of the ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, Jewish, Keltic and other groups.)

And, if they were able to gain this insight and power, couldn’t we as well?

I am of the opinion that there were some very advanced civilizations back before our known history which were utterly destroyed by some cataclysm and only some remnants of it remained in the possession of select groups that safeguarded it through the millennia. Nowadays this wisdom has become very diluted and it's possessed only by very few groups and even then with distortions.

How would previous advanced civilizations have acquired this knowledge?

And, would you say ‘seeds’ of this/these advanced civilization(s) were scattered throughout every continent on Earth (minus Antarctica) handing down otherwise unknowable information to countless primitive tribes, many of which have extraordinary cosmologies, mythologies and specialized informational sciences?

Well the Kolbrin tells us:

"Dadam became a servant of the Sacred Enclosure where the misty veil between the realms could be penetrated, for all those having the blood of Aruah had twinsight, an ability to see wraiths and sithfolk, ansis and spiritbeings, all the things of the Otherworld, not clearly but as through a veil. "

But then this place was closed:

“The Children of God were driven out of the gardenland by Spiritbeings, and then guardians were set at its gates so none could re-enter. Then it was withdrawn beyond the misty veil, the waters ceased to flow and the fertility departed, only a wilderness remained.”

I guess back in time immemorial humans had a way to reach the spheres above and after the fall humans lost that ability and were only able to retain an ever diluting remnant of that ancient wisdom.

That was a VERY long time ago according to the Kolbrin:

"Nintursu was the last of the line of Sisuda. Ten thousand generations had passed since the beginning and a thousand generations since the recreation. The Children of God and The Children of Men had passed into dust and only men remained. One hundred generations had passed since the overwhelming deluge and ten generations since The Destroyer last appeared. Once man lived for less than two score years, now his years were three score and ten. Once God had walked with men and men knew only God. Now He was hidden behind many veils and few saw Him, and then but dimly and with great distortion. Where once there was one God now gods were as numbered as the stars. Yet the Great Key remained in the midst of men and it was here, at the Temple of the Seven Illuminated Ones, the Key of Life, the Key which was given into the keeping of our father Hurmanetar. It is a secret thing, something exceedingly great. It is not lost but has come down to us and is known in our times. "

The PLACE where the misty veil could be ‘PENETRATED’ was closed. Twinsight was not.

Was it that ‘place’ beyond the misty veil that provided the greater part of advanced knowledge to humans?

Who passed down advanced knowledge acquired by Fanvar, Hurmanetar, and Lucius?

Those are the higher planes of existence? The knowledge was passed down by people like us who take interest in the mysteries I'd say.

The three I mentioned above… is this how the Kolbrin says they acquired their knowledge? Or, how about Yadol?

Well Fanvar actually acquired his knowledge living in the sacred enclosure. Hurmanetar had to cross the misty veil in a risky adventure and Lucius received a vision.

Yadol it doesn’t actually tell as far as I recall, he was basically always very in tune with the other realms in a natural way I’d say.

So many memorable characters in the Kolbrin :slight_smile:

Yadol is Enkidu in the epic of Gilgamesh btw+

It is said of Fanvar and his people, “The Children of God WERE NOT YET THE HEIRS OF GOD NOR INHERITORS OF GODHOOD, but there was one among them who had almost completed the Pilgrimage of Enidvadew. He had unraveled the tangled skeins of fate and traversed the tumultuous seas of life to the many ports of destiny, and having paid the debts of sowing and reaping was one triumphant over Enidvadew.

He was Fanvar, son of Auma and Atem. He was wise and knew all things, HE BEHELD MYSTERIES AND THE SECRET THINGS HIDDEN FROM THE EYES OF OTHER MEN. He saw sunrise and the sunsetting in their splendour, but LONGED FOR THINGS NOT REALIZABLE IN THE PLACE HE LIVED. So because he walked with God HE WAS CULLED OUT FROM HIS KIND AND BROUGHT to Meruah, The Gardenplace.

He came to it across the mountains and wastelands, arriving after many days journeying. Weary and close to death because of the privations he suffered, he could just reach the refreshing waters from which he drank deeply, and filled with exhaustion he slept. In his sleep he dreamed and this was the manner of his dreaming: he saw before him a being of indescribably glory and majesty, who said, "I am the God above all, even above the God of your people, I am that which fulfils the aspirations of men and I am that in which they are fulfilled. You, having traversed all the Circles of Enidvadew and established your worthiness, are now made my governor on Earth and you shall rule all things here, guiding them in my ways, leading them ever upwards into glory. This will be your labour and, behold, here is your reward."”

It seems Fanvar acquired knowledge BEFORE reaching the Sacred Enclosure within Meruah… he was not raised here. So, I ask again, who taught him this knowledge?

Now, how did Hurmanetar cross the Misty Veil if the Sacred Enclosure had already been closed?

And how was Lucius able to attain his Vision?

Well it seems to me these people attained some higher perception throughout their lives.

I agree, Manuel. And these three (or four if you include Yadol) would be examples of the possessors of ‘First Hand’ knowledge. “Select groups that safeguarded it through the millennia” would be mainly the possessors of ‘Second Hand’ knowledge. Which would any of you prefer, and what would you do to go about attaining either?

Yes, unfortunately those who safeguard second hand knowledge tend to end up distorting it eventually. Me personally? I've always loved the truth above all, but I doubt that in my current incarnation I'll be able to gain any extraordinary insight. This lifetime for me seems to be stamped with the word "struggle" more than enlightenment.

I wonder… how much struggle does the Kolbrin say Fanvar or Hurmanetar (or Lucius for that matter during his grand vision) had to endure BEFORE enlightenment? Or was theirs’ a path of knowledge gifted upon them in the manner of a winning lottery ticket?

Yeah I get your point. I guess time will tell.

Time yes… accompanied by persistence, will, desire, and effort.

No easy task this. The most difficult path man can tread is the one of conscious enlightenment… and there is none more rewarding…

I get a sense that you're fully pursuing this endeavor, it's a refreshing thing to witness. Me however, I am not like you, I lack the vitality to engage in such difficult undertakings. Life mundane as it is already overcomes me sometimes. I wonder what kind of life circumstances shape the individual who is able to attain enlightenment? It's clear that although all humans have the potential, a negligible amount have the necessary life experiences and character that shape them to be able to achieve it.
“I wonder what kind of life circumstances shape the individual who is able to attain enlightenment?”

It is one of constant pressure and ‘struggle’, hardened and crystallized over the span of lifetimes of many failures and small successes. What once took a lifetime to gain an inch, later gains a foot, then a sprint, and finally liftoff…

But each time, in the beginning, we are like Sisyphus at the bottom of the hill again. What in the moment seems like no gain is actually added strength the next time we push the boulder. (Of course, it is a lot more complex and interesting than this, but Sisyphus is what it can sometimes feel like.)

And the more one is aware, the more one studies the type of things we are discussing here, the more acutely the pressure is felt. A breaking point is reached (often many times) where one is forced to push forward or lobotomize a part of oneself…

"It is always easier for men to follow the ways of the flesh than the ways of the spirit, yet the deeper man descends into the vale of earthly things, the harder the climb out to the heights of glory. A generation to go down, ten generations to rise again. Man must struggle or degenerate, but the path of pleasure is pleasant, while the path of progress is beset with pain and strife".

That is a true quote from the Kolbrin, Manuel. But the benefits of growth far outweigh the struggle.

The struggle is eventually overcome and shed away, but indescribable joy and wisdom is yours to keep.

Let's see what the future brings, we might happen to live through times that test us to the extreme. Who can say with certainty how will they fare ? I can't. Times of extreme stress tend to show who people really are.