String Theory and the Holographic Universe

*Article posted by Rex Perkins

“They have numerically confirmed, perhaps for the first time, something we were fairly sure had to be true, but was still a conjecture — namely that the thermodynamics of certain black holes can be reproduced from a lower-dimensional universe,” said Leonard Susskind, a theoretical physicist at Stanford University.

What this means is that there may be physical processes taking place on some distant surface that can be perceived as three-dimensional reality.

Or, put even more simply, it’s possible that what we call reality is actually a hologram projected onto the surface of a black hole in which our universe exists.

Many creative “proofs” can be demonstrated with mathematics. Ptolemy (and many other ingenious scientists and mathematicians) “proved” mathematically that the universe revolves around the Earth; that one held up not just religiously, but scientifically for 1,500 years. It is a very brilliant, scientific model:

A whole lot of guesses, suppositions, and pure abstract mathematics are at play with String Theory. So you have to suppose that gravity is an illusion but that the electromagnetic force, the weak nuclear force and the strong nuclear force are real? This certainly does take some creative math, focusing on certain forces extensively, and completely ignoring others. You also must disagree with other essential components of General Relativity and Quantum Theory.

At this point, String Theory is all just math. And unfortunately for it, the further we are able to actually test String Theory, the more likely it is shown to be incorrect in many of its facets:

makes more sense than we were created by aliens.

In conventional ideas about aliens, perhaps, but not if we were the aliens… :wink:

what if we create the hologram?

One does not need an elaborate, untestable mathematical theory to show that we humans create holograms of illusion in most of what we do; with our dependence and over exaggeration of merely physical senses, to set patterns of thinking in all forms, and to many other fantasies made into ‘reality’ (many of these are quite mainstream).

The idea and allure of String Theory is more of a projection out of our own unconscious selves as a reminder that we have, individually and collectively, created many holograms within and around ourselves than it is any kind of testable, provable science (funny how no one can agree on the number of dimensions in this model; maybe seven, maybe eleven, maybe infinite hologram dimensions) … and voila, uncountable numbers of self created illusions we impose on the universe to avoid realizing that yes, we did create the hologram, but it is not out there, it is in here. <*>

So you may be quite correct Rex, but likely not in the way you first suspect.

Like the nature of GOD, when it comes to the understandings of the nature of Reality, it reminds me of the elephant. It may not be this way or that way but just BE.

I think over time we can learn more and more about the nature of reality.

… But God, that is a whole ‘nother deal. God is so vast, so powerful, so all encompassing that our understanding of ‘Him’ would literally destroy us in our limited state.

Much like Moses seeing God only from the back, as to see his face would be too much… there is Truth in this story.

Some day though, we shall.

Enoch did see “Him” though :wink:

Ha Manuel, you cheeky troublemaker :stuck_out_tongue:

Enoch “walked” with God while on Earth, and so can you too. Anything more required Enoch to take a one way trip.

This may require more than a little preparation, least of which is the long goodbye.

yes it is. The Enlightened Ones have proclaimed this Truth many times to man how pathetic that they just can't seem to understand it...

if you’ve read the buddhist sutras, the upanishads, the gnostic gospels & hermetic texts you’ll know that it is true for everything is nothing but an illusion, a mirage like a bubble that has no essence at all. It is nothing but a projection of the confused Primal Mind (NOUS), like a DREAM, and we’re trapped in this essenceless (/non-self) Dream.

And here’s from the Kybalion:
The Principle of Mentalism embodies the idea that “All is Mind.”

May all beings attain Liberation… 8)

“All is Mind.”

Is Mind an illusion?

Everything is, leonard... everything is. Scientifically speaking it is a conscious energy that keeps changing...

It is neither one nor many and it neither exists nor non-existence, it can not be created nor can it be destroyed thus it has no beginning nor an end… 8)

This is the Absolute Reality that theologians have mistakenly assumed as “God” in the sense of some omnipotent benevolent entity. It is in fact beyond good and evil. There is only 1 denominator to this Absolute Reality: Constant Change / Essenceless / Non-Self.

“Nothing is Real and nothing to get hung about”

  • The Beatles, Strawberry Fields. :slight_smile:

if u assume that a Creator of the Universe is the Absolute Reality then it is flawed for any beings even man with the right Knowledge could also create such Universe.

The fact that energy shifts in frequency and form does not mean it is an illusion, it just means there is change.

Change does not equal (=) illusion.

Beyond this, there is the Primal Changeless One which you have just named as “Absolute Reality”. Do you consider that One to be an “illusion” as well? (You did say “everything” was.)

And, if “everything” is an illusion, you cannot even trust your own thoughts or statements. Logically, your own argument is an illusion. :wink:

it is an illusion in the sense that it does not really exist. i don't think we are speaking in the same language here.

‘Primal Changeless One’? What? You’ve just said that it is constant change??? The only Changeless thing is Change itself. And as such it knows no such a thing as an identity / a soul / essence / a self. And yes this Primal Mind is also an illusion. If you understood Physics, it does not even exist in time and space (in fact time and space is partt of it) for the concept of ‘real’ time & space itself is just an illusion so how can you say that it exists???

Your logic is flawed because you are using theological delusions not science & logic.

the entire concept of time & space is just an illusion. While ‘existence’ can only be defined in terms of space & time. So what arguments left do you have to impose that something truly exists? 8)

come on… keep going… i don’t have much time here. :slight_smile:
gotta go in a few minutes. come on… come on… :slight_smile:

Do you consider Buddhism and Gnosticism “theological delusions”?

I suppose you should, as you consider “everything” an illusion…

“’Primal Changeless One’? What? You’ve just said that it is constant change???"

I said the stuff of phenomenal reality is in constant change, not what lies beyond…

“the entire concept of time & space is just an illusion.”

Yes, our “concepts” of reality are the illusion, our CONCEPTS, not the universe itself. The flaw is in perception, not in reality.

Nope. Both Buddhism & Gnosticism actually rejects all kinds of your insane theological delusions, in case you haven't heard... aaargh.. how can i discuss sth w/ people completely ignorant about the subject itself. i suggest you do your homework first leonard... lots of them...
Ad hominem Luminous, not a very good way to debate ;)
what ad hominem? i'm just stating a fact. cuz he's speaking backwards.. now ur being unfair with me manuel...

u are always…

You must always debate the point not the person, being condescending is not a very valid way to argue your point.