The Kailedy is NOT Legitimate

An anonymous individual who contacted me through this group a while ago told me that he believed that the Kailedy was a Culdian fabrication

For what reason specifically?

Well first of all he didn't believed that Jesus had been a real individual due to lack of evidence nor he believed in the whole story of Joseph of Arimathea travelling to Britain after Jesus' death (I disagree on this due what I've researched). Then he found the Kailedy just too plagued with Gospel similarities. I am undecided on the subject, we had a little debate about it but we didn't reach any conclusion. I would have to re read our correspondence to recall the exact details.

" Based on what I know I also believe the Kailedy is NOT legitimate. The other books the Culdians sell (Gwineva, Celestina, Rowena) are all modern works and I believe the Kailedy falls into the same category. They are not truly “forgeries” or “hoaxes” because the Culdians don’t claim anything about them, they are simply fictional. The fact that they are automatically lumped into the same group as the Kolbrin does not help matters. "

I don’t think he’ll mind me quoting :wink:

Hmm…yes, but for what reason would we have fabricated it? Your correspondent, from what you just shared, merely states reasons for a historical lack of evidence.

That's actually one major reason I believe the Kolbrin as a whole wasn't faked by the Culdian Trust. It's very obvious that it was written by different writers with very, very different religious views.

This is also the main argument I’d make against the Kailedy. It has a very new-agey Christian message behind it. The Book of
Britain’s Jesus account reads more like an ancient text, while Kailedy reads like an early 20th century religious novel. The Book
of Britain also directly contradicts the Kailedy on several factual points.

It’s actually pretty funny because the Britain Book you mention completely contradicts most of the earlier books in the Kolbrin.
If you put the authors of Sons of Fire in a locked room with the authors behind the Book of Britain, there would have been a fist fight. "

As I told you we didn’t reach any satisfactory conclusions as we were mostly grasping at straws. It was an interesting debate though. I myself Am unsure of the Kailedy. I actually didn’t ask about those factual contradictions he mentioned, I don’t recall any as of now.

I don’t expect those with sight from a merely materialistic lens understand or believe anything from what we publish, or anything else of a spiritual nature, either written today or in ancient times.

One cannot help the blind to see if the blind denies the concept of sight.

The Kailedy is actually a part of the Kolbrin. It was published seperately through our decision.

Well but as I told you before there's a very thin and fragile balance between these subjects of faith regarding all the information available. You may argue that someone who has experienced the mystical secrets firsthand has discernment but most of humanity is grasping at straws and has no firsthand knowledge. In these books we try to find the truth yet we're wary of frauds due to the fact that we know they're a generalized phenomenon in these areas of research.

You can’t blame us.

Well being a part of the Kolbrin doesn’t make it an actual ancient text. The book of Wisdom is in the Kolbrin yet it’s admittedly a later addition.

I don’t blame the doubt at all. It is actually a very good thing all around :wink:

What I mean was, is that it was all received together.

Much of the Kolbrin researchers quest during all these years has been the battle against the always prevalent possibility of it all being a hoax. It has actually been one of the main driving factors for people to immerse themselves on the research and discover the minute details found within through picking it apart.

Without the spiritual sight being awakened, that task is like a blind man with tied hands expected to cross a forest after passing over a mountain…good luck on that :wink:

Oh lord !
So now you’re all telling me that the Kolbrin isn’t made up of ancient books ?
Then how can anybody use it to argue a point ?
Or, How can its writings be trusted as a true guide ?
And the Kailedy, it may be a fake too ?
Say what you like about the Tanahk, but at least in that I know there is a consistant spiritusl tradition, and that most of the events described actualy happened, and that the people really existed. Even if there is some “poetic license” taken by its authors, it really IS an ancient book, or books.
Also, there raelly is a mathematical code running through the Hebrew text, that isn’t in any of the so called “New” testament books.
What a bummer, should I keep reading the Kolbrin, thinking that it may all be flase ?
THAT, I will have to ponder…
Sad, sad, sad.

Personally I believe the veracity or otherwise of books such as the Kolbrin and Kailedy stems from one’s own perspective and understanding of the nature of things - this being different for everyone. I believe the Kolbrin to be a collection of writings from different sources and, I would presume, different time periods. Does this therefore pre-suppose the book and its contents to be fakes, forgeries, or untruths?

This greater perspective would definitely need to be used when one digests the Kolbrin’s contents. However, I would imagine this spiritual sight would be dependent upon one’s spiritual path and where that path has led one up to the point in time when they come to include the Kolbrin as part of their consciousness.

Like all great works, the truth or otherwise of the writings need be left to the individual reading such works.

So, make your own mind up as to weather its real or not, or is a true account ?
That’s not the answer I expected.
Might as well be reading some Midrashic tales, not something I was ever into.
I’ll keep reading, I’ll read it at least once, the Kailedy too.

That is the answer that is given in the Introduction to the Kolbrin, Sha’ul. I’m sorry if you didn’t like that or were not paying attention. But this is what is explained right from the beginning. Don’t show buyers remorse after you were told, and chose not to listen.

Your enthusiasm for the Kolbrin earlier on was infectious. If that enthusiasm is beginning to wane due to doubts about the legitimacy of the Kolbrin or Kailedy, that is something you will have to deal with on a personal level.

There has been a lot of research into the provenience of the Kolbrin (just talk to Manuel on that one), and there is a huge amount of evidence that it is what it seems to be, but ultimately you will have to make the decision whether or not the events that took place are real or not. That is a personal decision; just like whether or not you feel people like Jesus or Jonah even existed, or whether or not talking snakes tempted Eve to eat a forbidden fruit

(Many people think the ancients simply made up most of the ancient religions, and in the Jewish case simply added a mathematical code to the text when it was eventually written down. So, anywhere you look, you will have to decide whether a thing is a fake or forgery… perhaps the entire Jewish tradition was originally built on myths and lies and followed by an Islamic and Christian lie. This is what many people think. And as these questions are raised, more and more people everywhere think these ancient traditions are pure bunk, as the supposed “experts” lose more of their authority, and are able to answer less and less questions. The “authorities” everywhere are falling on their faces, and people once again are learning to find the Truth of things in their hearts, thank God!)

That is a choice you will have to make, and an answer you will have to come to inside. Just like with everything else in life, YOU have to decide what is real or not, what is of value or not for yourself.

The fact that the Kolbrin’s original papers and plates have not been released is a plus, not a minus, from my view. If they were out there for the public, the public would make another religion out of the thing for people to blindly follow, because “experts” told them how ancient and real it all was. In this way, only lovers of Spiritual Truth approach it and stay with it, without making it a religion.

It is your choice, Sha’ul, but as you get deeper, the adults don’t stand by to tell you what’s real anymore. Eventually, that responsibility falls on you. Here, you will have brothers and sisters to lend you a hand or offer advice, but the only real parents left are in our hearts and the Heavens. If you still require human parents, the Kolbrin and Kailedy may not yet be right for you…

I do understand where you are coming from Sha’ul. The quest for Truth, no matter what that may or may not look like, seems to be forever pitted with crevices for the unwary to fall into. We are constantly confronted with possibilities and potentialities, and it is how we approach things that determines our ultimate reaction - be it positive or negative.

I have read both the Kolbrin and Kailedy and find both hold information I understand and, in some cases, believe. However, that was not my intent when I picked the books up to read. I was merely curious and, once I managed to finish both books (in particular the Kolbrin), they held little further interest.

I don’t dispute the authenticity of the Kolbrin as to me there was a lot of logic to much of the content, but there were also areas of text I simply found beyond my skills or need to understand or even agree with. That, however, has been a personal choice and has had nothing to do with whether or not the books and their contents are accurate. Unlike my first sojourn into Culdianism (for want of a better word), the Kolbrin I found didn’t resonate with me (the Kailedy was a different kettle of fish though), whereas from the first time I read The Book of Gwineva there was a very clear-cut resonance and form of harmonia with what was being said and how it was being portrayed.

Personally, I really do admire people like yourself who, on their search or quest for Truth, knowledge, enlightenment, and so on, dedicate the considerable immensity of their mental faculties on deciphering such texts so that people like myself can perhaps better understand these teachings/writings in light of others understanding. It would indeed be sad if you decided to take the conclusions others have come up with (whether for or against) concerning the authenticity of the Kolbrin without bringing to a satisfactory conclusion the quest you started when you first came across the book.

I would strongly encourage you to continue reading the book through to its completion for maybe two reasons:

[ol]- the satisfaction of completing the task, and

  • the accumulation of extra knowledge and the opportunity to integrate or reject it to/from your understanding to your satisfaction.[/ol]

The outcome, my friend, is entirely up to you. Remember: Truth in opposition to all else.

Thank you Len and Lance,
Its hard to find spiritual brethren who will be really that honest. I’ve found over the years that as soon as you start to question the doctrines, beliefs or idea’s of any group, those you thought were your brothers, soon become your enemies.
Not so with this little group, you guys, and Manuel, and the girls have been exceedingly encouraging and supportive, and not a little patient as well.
I will take the advice both of you give. I will cease measuring the veracity of the text, and just read it with an open heart.I am very subjective in my analysis of anything I read, as I was taught when I took Metaphysics, of which discipline I excelled, because I seem to have inherited an internal “truth gong”. That subjective analytical mindset was something I was born with, the Metatphysics just showed me how to use critical tools wisely.
The Kailedy does have a “ring of truth” about it, as do parts of the Kolbrin.
You are right in that this is a time of growing up for me, no parents to hold my hand and guide me wich is always really how its been for me in my quest, I was always G-ds man first, the scary thing for me I think is the new ground I find myself on, its scary, and I don’t have anybody in the physical world of my life, apart from the Kolbrin group, that I can relate too about it.
I very much feel even know inside, that we are on the brink of a new epoch, in every way. Our group is on the cusp, the edge of the wave, of the enlightenment that is about to come to mankind, in which the old orders will fade away, and even older orders will return. So, to me, it is vitally important, in light of the critical way in which most sincere seekers of spiritual truth now read any text, with a view to its veracity, that what we say to them, is rooted in as much truth and historical fact as possible. The modern seeker is not easily convinced, and while it is true, at present, that people need to be there own guide, it is also true, that there will be spiritual guides and teachers, who knows, maybe even a druid or priestess type class of person in the future. Despite what people say about the negative aspect of rules, ordinances, and laws. They are mentioned quite a lot in the Kolbrin, and the Kailedy, where Y’shua still encourages his followers to keep the Torah commandments, that is what he means by “the Law”., as he doesn’t say that the P’rushim ( Pharacees) are wrong in what they teach, but only accuses those hypocrites amongst them.
I’m not saying that it is Judaism that will be the new spiritual tradition, I am just using the example of Y’shua and the Torah to show that even the most enlightened of spiritual teachers saw need for humans to be guided by some kind of moral code, or set of laws.
Laws and moral codes need to be based on something concrete, and not be merely ultruistic ideals, they need to practical to “enforce”, and easy to understand, and based on something real.
Even spiritual principles, must follow some kind of path, stages of growth, order of attainment of knowledge, and exposure to “the mysteries”, milk for the babies, meat for the adults.
It is with this concern, that weighs heavily in my heart, that I was concerned about the Kolbrin and Kailedy’s veracity, there is much bigger picture to consider in the future, and we are responsible for laying the important groundwork, laying the path, if you like, that others will follow…selah !
Thanks for your support, patience and encouragement my brothers and sisters.
May G-d, enlighten, guide, and teach our hearts, subconscious minds, spirits, and mental faculties, so that we may faithfully serve both Him, and humanity, with honesty and a sure heart.

Love and light to you my brethren.
Shalom, shalom.

I think it is important to question everything… whether that be morals, or the provenance of the Kolbrin, or even what you think you see in front of your face. When we start to discover things aren’t always exactly what they appear to be, it can often feel like we have no grounding; and very negative, even desperate, mindsets and attitudes can take hold of us. At these times I tend to look upon the process of discovery as an adventure with childlike curiosity realizing I am about to learn strange and wondrous new things. And even when I come to new Truths, I don’t make a complete judgment on them as I realize that my knowledge on what I just learned may be incomplete. Using all the experience I have and faculties at my disposal, I come to a conclusion on a thing and live by it to the best of my ability, but still having an open mind allowing for new information to come through that may alter in the future what I think I know now. If what I’ve just learned changes previous mindsets, judgments, or lifestyle patterns, I don’t get bitter about what I was thinking or doing wrong before; instead, I am happy I came to a better or more complete Truth now.

If the Kailedy rings true in your heart, where it came from is secondary. Where it came from is still interesting, and you should look into that if it is of interest to you, but how it assists you and others is what’s most important. Same with the Ten Commandments and the Torah… did these things really come through Moses totally, or do we not know the whole Truth of the matter. How it helps us and society is the most important thing.

Listen to your heart about these things, they are your best guide. And, if you are able to Truly follow your heart, the next step on the ladder is indescribable… but deep down I think you know that already. :wink:

Just to add a little to the discussion, while I was typesetting the Kolbrin and I neared the end where the introduction of Jesus began, I was asked to create The kailedy as a seperate Book, it was with The Kolbrin but as The Book of Gleanings etc. those headings refering to the manuscripts. The Kailedy pertaining mainly to The Gospels of The Kailedy was to be printed as a seperate entity. This was duely done. It seems to be already being copied although this one has my name and the name of others within it. Once again a Hoax or not… our task was too put the information out there, we did not make it up. Thankyou for reading it, I have had an archeologist come to see me, very excited because the only place that there is reference to a tomb and exact description of what they found inside and where it was positioned was in The Kailedy. … lets hope more of the Truth will reveal itself.

Thank you len and Loraine,
You are both so helpful, I’m very fortunate to know you both, all of you, I count my blessings I found this group, or did it find me ?
Love and light to you both.

I believe, Laraine, this may well be where the Talpiot Tomb may come into play, as this is where some believe the bones of Christ and his family lay.